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Sponsor-a-Rescue Pet Program

Owning a pet is a great responsibility and sometimes work and travel schedules do not allow us to care for a furry friend in our own home. Our Sponsor-a-Rescue Pet program is “purr-fect” for those who love pets and want to make a difference in a pets life but cannot care for them in their home.

You can choose to sponsor one of the following special needs pets who will remain with Advocates 4 Animals for the duration of their life – whether it is a neurological problem, old age, or broken bones – we are forever committed to their happiness and health. OR you can choose to sponsor a cat who is here at A4A patiently waiting for adoption.

By sponsoring one of our Special Needs cats, you are helping toward the multitude of expenses that arise from the care of these wonderful pets. As a sponsor, you will receive a monthly photo and letter directly from your pet (well, we will write it but they will tell us what to write!) and from time to time your sponsored pet may post a video or two to show you what they have been up to. The sponsored pet will be forever grateful for your sponsorship and will look forward to many months of photo shoots!

We have multiple sponsorship options to choose from – each one extremely important to the rescue pets in our organization.

Our Sponsor-A-Rescue Pet program is a fun, unique, and rewarding way to help a pet in need! Click on any of the photos below to learn more about rescue pets currently in need of a sponsor…

Thank you for your kind and helping heart!

Click on any rescue pet below to learn more or to sponsor 

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