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Esther came to Advocates 4 Animals as a kitten, after enduring unthinkable abuse. The trauma young Esther had endured had caused her to go into shock and she would not even make eye contact with anyone. She also could not stand, move, or eat/drink on her own due to the abuse. It was a miracle Esther survived! After several months of around the clock care and treatment, Esther began to thrive. Today she continues to thrive and has made a full recovery. However, due to the severity of her abuse, she is incredibly wary of new humans. In addition, she has ongoing neurological issues. Because of this, Esther has become a lifetime resident at Advocates 4 Animals - where she receives the ongoing care she needs and deserves and where she feels safe and comfortable. Esther is a miracle girl!

Esther would be so appreciative if you would become her monthly sponsor. WILL YOU BECOME ESTHER'S SPONSOR TODAY?

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