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Would you like to sponsor Beau? He would be so grateful for your support!

Beau had been trying to survive outdoors as a stray on his own for a long time. He was starving, dehydrated, covered in filth, fleas, and parasites. In addition, he was terrified of being harmed and abused. Just the sight of a hand sent him running for cover.


Beau also was rescued with a severe mouth issue. His mouth was bleeding and painful to him when we rescued Beau. After taking Beau in to the veterinarian for check-ups and a surgery for the issue, Beau has been diagnosed with an aggressive oral cancer. Sadly, there is no cure and the veterinarians say his time is limited. Because of this, he will remain with Advocates 4 Animals as a lifetime resident. He is comfortable and happy and getting all of the medications, nutrition and veterinary/medical care he needs and deserves. Our goal is to surround him with lots of love and to give him all of the medical care he needs to keep him happy, comfortable and enjoying a quality life for however long or short that may be. 

Beau is *such* a sweet, gentle feline and he is so grateful for everything. He loves lounging by sunny windows and being petted. And he really loves his wet/canned cat food treats. He is a very special feline and he would be so appreciative of your support! 


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