Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. began in 2002 when founders Amy Beatty and Stacey Ritz decided to dedicate their lives to enhancing the welfare of companion animals. As first hand witnesses to the tragedies of the American Shelter and County Pound systems, Amy and Stacey knew there was a better way: a No Kill way. This spurred the founders of A4A to begin transforming both the public and the shelter systems perception of the No Kill Movement and the many undeniable benefits it brings, both to the animals and to our local communities.


Inspired by the individual stories of so many shelter animals in need of help, Princess became one of the first felines successfully pulled from a high-kill city shelter by Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. Princess weighed 4 lbs, had little hair and was very ill. She was labeled a “Senior Cat”. In addition, before Princess had been picked up as a “stray” by the shelter, her left eye had been gouged, leaving a severe wound and blindness, which had been left untreated by the shelter staff. In addition, Princess had tooth decay (which prevented her from eating causing malnourishment) and she had a severe internal infection that required life-saving surgery. Shelter staff didn’t expect Princess to survive the week, once rescued by A4A. Against all odds, Princess proved everyone wrong as she lived ten wonderful, healthy, happy years following her rescue by A4A in 2002.

Our Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. logo is inspired by Princess for her strong will and her undeniable trust in the human race. Our logo is taken from a photo of Princess, as she represents the animals that Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. strives to protect. Princess will forever be remembered by A4A, as she showed us all what is possible when you give a pet in need an opportunity for hope, for love and for a lifetime of health and happiness.


Princess, one of the first felines rescued by Advocates 4 Animals.

Mission Statement

Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to reduce feline homelessness by providing low cost spay/neuter options and by offering long-term care to special needs felines through our Sponsor-a-Rescue-Pet program. 


All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the animals. Every dollar donated truly makes a difference in helping to save a life in urgent need. We believe that every life matters. Thank you for your kindness, compassion and support of animals in need.

Cats are the number one breed/pet killed in U.S. shelters. More cats die of shelter euthanasia than any disease. Mother cats and their newborn kittens, orphaned kittens, and cats who have endured severe neglect and/or abuse suffer the highest casualties in U.S. shelters/pounds. Advocates 4 Animals primary focus is to implement programs to end feline homelessness in Greene County, OH.

To mail a donation to Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. please send to:

Advocates 4 Animals, Inc.
P.O. Box 13
Xenia, OH 45385

If you have items to donate to Advocates 4 Animals, Inc., please contact us to arrange a date/location to drop off.

ALL donations are 100% tax-deductible!


Grandma was deemed “vicious and unadoptable” at a high-kill shelter- A4A was the only rescue who stepped up to save her. Fully rehabilitated, Grandma lived a wonderful life at Advocates 4 Animals!