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Hope and her siblings were rescued from a difficult situation where many un-fixed cats were living in a crowded situation. Hope was blind (and her siblings each only had sight in 1 eye) due to eye infections that had been left untreated for too long. She was covered in fleas and had a belly full of parasites. But despite all she had endured she was so grateful for the help she received from Advocates 4 Animals. 

Being blind, Hope requires extra attention and care to keep her safe and sound. In addition, she has several ongoing medical issues. For these reasons, Hope remains at Advocates 4 Animals for long term care to make sure all of her medical/veterinary needs are addressed/met. 

Hope LOVES to sit on our laps. She loves to play with noisy toys that she can follow (scrunchie balls, balls with bells in them). She is a very happy feline despite all she endured prior to rescue. She is full of cheer and joy and always makes us smile! 

Hope would be so appreciative if you would become her monthly sponsor. WILL YOU BECOME HOPE'S SPONSOR TODAY?

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