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Grayson was rescued while trying his best to survive as a stray. In addition to being hungry, scared, and lonely, he had become badly wounded on the back half of his body. Upon rescue, more than half of his tail had to be amputated due to the severity of his injuries that had been left untreated for quite some time. With veterinary care, good nutrition, a safe, clean indoor environment and lots of love, Grayson physically made a full recovery. In the process of his physical recovery, we worked with him to also heal emotionally. He came to us very scared and therefore very untrusting and shy around humans. It is for this reason that Grayson became a resident at Advocates 4 Animals, where he receives lifetime care. He has a hard time trusting new people after all that he endured in his life prior to rescue, but he trusts his Advocates 4 Animals humans and is very settled and happy here. Grayson loves following us around and helping with chores and being petted. He is very sweet and very grateful for the life he has. 


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