Gizmo & Belinda are sisters and best friends. Belinda is completely BLIND. Gizmo acts as her eyes in many situations. When Belinda wants to play, Gizmo will bring her toys - and not just any toys, toys that make noise, so that her sister can easily find them while they are playing. The sisters play together, bathe each other, and snuggle together regularly. They depend on each other a great deal. Rescued together, we knew they needed to stay together because of their incredibly special bond. 


Despite being completely blind, with increased confidence from having her trusted sister by her side, Belinda easily navigates stairs, jumps on/off beds and couches, plays (a lot!) with her toys and her sister and uses her hearing and other senses to help her navigate life. Belinda and Gizmo are an incredibly special duo who are here at Advocates 4 Animals receiving lifetime care. 


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