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Liesal is completely BLIND. Veterinarians believe she was born blind. She was found trying to survive as a stray, terrified,  and in need of urgent help. She is *very, very* shy and we are working with her to learn to trust and that there are kind humans in the world. She came to Advocates 4 Animals completely blind, with an upper respiratory (in need of medication), very scared, and not wanting to be touched by humans (from fear), and not using the litter box at all.


In addition, since Liesel's arrival to A4A she has suffered several serious strokes due to a brain tumor; thankfully we've been able to help her to a miracle recovery each time, although she has since suffered from several ongoing neurological issues.  For these reasons, Liesal is a lifetime resident at A4A so that she can receive the ongoing therapy and medical care she needs and deserves. 

Liesal loves playing with her cat toys and loves knowing she is safe. We are working with her to become more comfortable with people and to help her have the best life possible. 

Liesal would be so grateful if you would sponsor her here at A4A!


Will you please sponsor Liesel?

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