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Maxine was on death row in a local shelter, along with her siblings. The litter of black kittens were covered in fleas and parasites and they were starving and terribly emaciated. In addition, their eye infections were horrific (and left untreated at the shelter). We were able to rescue the litter of kittens just in time and Maxine's siblings made full recoveries (some were left with only one eye due to the severity of the infections they had suffered) and were adopted. Maxine, however was left with a haze over one of her eyes (with limited sight in that eye). She is also incredibly shy due to horrific abuse prior to rescue.


Maxine waited 8 years for adoption and was never picked. Black cats are often overlooked and last to be picked for adoption. That fact, coupled with Maxine's "different" eye and extreme shyness left her overlooked time and again. No pet has ever waited anywhere close to this long for adoption at A4A. At 8 years, we decided that Maxine would be happiest living out her senior years at A4A surrounded with people she knows, loves, and trusts. Although she hides from new people, she loves our A4A founders and enjoys sitting on their laps, being petted and talked to. She also loves playing with her toys. Maxine also has two best buddies at A4A--- also extremely shy cats- Victoria and Camille.


Although Maxine was overlooked for adoption over many years and is very, very shy- she is incredibly happy in her calm environment at A4A. Maxine would be so appreciative if you would consider becoming her monthly sponsor! She is a very special senior girl who has overcome a tough past.


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