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Angels At Rest

Angels at Rest is a place to honor the memory of lost loved ones – from the animal kingdom. For just a small donation request of $5, you can submit your photo and short write-up to be added to our Angels at Rest page. We are forever dedicated to the loving memory of all those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. We hope to honor their memories here, with your support. After you submit your donation, please contact us in regards to the phrasing and photo to be used in memory of your loved one.

Beloved animal - In Loving Memory of Daniel Ritz

In Loving Memory of Daniel Ritz

As a life-long animal lover, Daniel Ritz became a supporter of local animal rescue, rehabilitation and adoption efforts. Sharing his family home with Boston Terriers, Daniel grew to love pets of all breeds, sizes and ages. Daniel’s loves of family, music and pets- live on, still today. Daniel Ritz passed away in 2012, leaving behind his wife Betty, his eight children and his many grandchildren and great grandchildren. With his passing, Betty asked that in lieu of flowers, donations be directed to local animal rescue groups in Daniel’s memory—so that Daniel could continue his support towards saving the lives of animals in need, even after his death. Daniel is the grandfather of our A4A Executive Director, Stacey Ritz. In Daniel’s memory, we would like to extend a warm and sincere thank you to all who donated to help save the lives of animals in great need, in Daniel’s honor. Daniel is greatly missed by his family and friends- but certainly never forgotten.

Beloved animal - Chet


Chet never lost faith in humans even after everything he had been through! I miss him everyday. - Rita Boyde

Beloved animal - Boodles


Boodles was a family member for 16+ years. He use to play with the dog, silently walking by to turn and nip her ear, then play chase and wrestle with her. Neither one of them ever hurting the other. They'd curl up and sleep together. He wasn't too sure of the new cat when we brought her home after the dog passed. But she just kept coming and curling up with him and they soon became fast friends. No matter where Boodles was, if you stopped to pet or pick him up, he'd purr real loud and curl and uncurl his front paws. You know he loved you and loved the attention. We miss our Boodle baby. - Michele Bauer and Family

Beloved animal - George


In loving memory of George, our foster kitty. George has a rough beginning as he was born in a large feral cat colony in Jamestown, Oh. He and 6 other kittens were rescued as they were very sickly. During their rehabilitation, we discovered 4 of the cats were Feline Leukemia positive. As a result, we separated the kittens to avoid spreading the disease. He was a very affectionate kitty who loved to be held and played with. He spent most of the day following us or lounging in our laps. he would cry if he was left alone for any period of time. George was never adopted and eventually died from the disease. Without the support from Advocates 4 Animals, he would not have lived as long as he did. We miss him dearly, and he will always have a special place in our hearts :) - Melissa

Beloved animal - In loving memory of Ron Giese

In loving memory of Ron Giese

Ron loved the animals so very much. He leaves behind his wife Ginny, his boston terrier Pepsi and his bird Patches. Ron is greatly missed by his friends and family. - FRIENDS & FAMILY OF RON GIESE (Uncle Humps)

Beloved animal - Tigger


Tigger - we miss you so much! Thank you for sharing so many years with us. I remember the day we rescued you from the shelter... I was so happy to have you as part of our family. You were such a great snuggler and a wonderful lap warmer... you had the greatest purr too! We miss you so much and we love you... -AEB

Beloved animal - Buster


In loving memory of Buster. You were the most loving, funny feline! You are so very missed... I was lucky enough to have 10 wonderful years with you before we lost you to Pancreatic Cancer. We love you so much and we miss you tons! -SLR

Beloved animal - Mitchell


Mitchell, you were only with us for a few short years, but you made such a huge impact on our lives and you are so terribly missed. Little A still remembers you and asks about you every now and then. I will make sure that he never forgets you. Thank you for being such a great companion. Sleep soundly, old friend. -BJS