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Teddy came to Advocates 4 Animals after trying his best to survive as a stray in a tough area. He had been intentionally set on fire and his entire body was covered in severe burn wounds. Teddy was so emaciated, dehydrated and wounded that he could not stand, eat or drink on his own upon arrival to A4A. A bullet was found in his body. His eyes were sealed shut due to the burns. The top of his ears burned off, he had little to no hair, no whiskers, and his paw pads were severely burned. He had terrible pain.


Teddy received top of the line medical care and nutrition upon arrival to A4A and after just two months, Teddy began to thrive! His recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. Teddy's eyes opened and he regainedmost of his sight. His hair continues grew back. His whiskers grew in. His paw pads healed.


He LOVES to play with his cat toys and the other special needs cats at A4A and he has grown to trust our A4A volunteers and loves to give them hugs (and also he loves to say "hello", aka meow/chat!). Teddy has a hard time learning to trust new people due to the severe abuse in his past and he has oral cancer, which will require lifetime care...therefore he will remain at A4A for the duration of his life.


Will you sponsor Teddy? He would be so appreciative of your support & kindness!

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