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Zack was dumped at a veterinary hospital when he was a kitten - left in a carrier with a note to euthanize him. The veterinary hospital instead, luckily found a home for Zack. However, after his new guardians 4-paw declawed him, they brought him back to the veterinarian and told them to euthanize him because he eliminated outside of the litter box. It turned out, Zack had a painful UTI and although the treatment for it was not costly and alleviated him from the pain he was experiencing, allowing him to use the litter box properly, the guardians still did not want Zack back. Advocates 4 Animals was asked to help - to keep Zack from being needlessly euthanized. Since Zack was rescued by A4A and then received proper medical care for his UTI issue, he has been very happy. Sadly, he has suffered from ongoing pain and neurological issues in his paws, due to the declaw his previous guardians had put him through. In addition, after his rescue, he had a severe dental issue that required major surgery and ongoing care. Due to his oral issues and the neurological issues with his paws, Zack has remained at A4A as a lifelong special needs resident so that he can receive his ongoing care and live a happy, healthy, quality life. 


Zack loves watching birds out the window. He also loves playing with his toys! His favorite treats are Temptations cat treats and Fancy Feast wet food -- he loves them! He loves being held like a baby and he is very sweet!


Would you like to sponsor Zack? He would be so grateful for your support!

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