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Voiceless Victims – Documentary

Release Date: TBA (Filming is currently progress!!!)

Follow our progress of filming and producing Voiceless Victims – Inside American Animal Shelters; a compelling documentary detailing the lives of American shelter animals, shelter directors and staff, grassroots no-kill rescue organizations and volunteers, adopters and many additional individuals and organizations who play a role in the animal rescue world. Learn the truth regarding shelter practices and leadership- why do shelters continuously refuse to move forward to become no-kill communities? Why the resistance? Why do so many shelters refuse to do what is best for the animals in their care? Why do they not work to save lives? Instead, shelters continue to kill, in-spite of successful no kill shelter models that exist. Shelter leaders continuously blame the public for their daily, heartless killing- while they continue to use gas chambers, heart sticks and other methods of so called “humane” killing. Witness first hand, shelter leaders’ desperate struggle for power – using innocent victims- the animals – to demonstrate their greed and control. Animal shelters are believed to be safe havens for animals in need, however most American shelters are nothing more than killing factories.

How can we work together to force positive, no-kill change among American animal shelters and pounds? Why don’t more people know the truth behind current shelter practices? Why the secrets? Why the endless killing? Approximately 4 million healthy, loving companion animals are needlessly killed in American shelters annually. This is a drastic decrease from a decade ago- but still a number that is much too large. Millions of innocent animals sit patiently, waiting for an absolution, waiting for an answer. Some of them cling to hope, others have all but given up- realizing that their fate has been left in the hands of the greedy, the selfish and the heartless.

Witness first hand interviews of animal rescuers who are in the trenches day after day, fighting for the lives of shelter animals- despite the strong resistance received from shelter leaders, government officials and police officers. Gandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”- these dedicated rescue teams are doing just that. Meet the amazing animals who have endured insurmountable obstacles to survive shelter life. Learn from true professionals in the field, how no kill change can take place and learn what you can do to help. Voiceless Victims- Inside American Animal Shelters – is a one-of-a-kind documentary, a film that is much needed and a film that hopes to raise awareness and bring about change to help the voiceless victims that long for a better day.

This stunning documentary will look at both the proponents and adversaries of the No Kill philosophy and allow Americans to gain perspective of the true atrocities that occur on a daily basis in American Animal Shelters. Voiceless Victims will allow individuals to decide if we as Americans can be satisfied with the status quo in our shelters or if our companion animals indeed deserve better.

Follow our A4A founders- Amy Beatty and Stacey Ritz – on their journey to expose the truth and to inspire change. Blog (link this to blog) and Facebook:

Filming/production of this documentary requires much needed funding. To donate towards the production of this important documentary, on behalf of the animals, please click here:
Every dollar will be used directly to support the filing and production of Voiceless Victims – Inside American Animal Shelters.

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