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Veterinary Assistance Program Guidelines

Limit: One applicant per household annually.

Applicant must be a resident of Greene County – photo ID will be required.

Program Requirements: (Applicant MUST meet one or more of the following guidelines, PROOF REQUIRED)

  • Household income at or below 100% poverty level (see chart, below)

  • Currently receiving unemployment

  • Currently receiving SSI

Income eligibility rules apply – please see chart below. You must bring proof that your household’s income is at or below the federal poverty guidelines as shown below. Exceptions may be made based on specific situations.

We offer one-time funding for veterinary emergency care situations.

Veterinary care WILL take place at Advocates 4 Animals Xenia, OH veterinarian’s office.

Funding is LIMITED TO $500 MAXIMUM, per household.

We do not offer Vet Assistance for any feline that is unaltered. We do offer low-cost spay/neuter options. Local low cost spay/neuter options for cats and dogs can be found HERE.

Any animal receiving assistance must be primarily indoors – this program is NOT for free-roaming or stray cats. Our program serves indoor cats, with guardians.

Funding is NEVER given directly to the individual applicant, rather it is given directly to our veterinarian for specific services agreed upon by A4A.

We DO NOT PROVIDE funding for: routine veterinary care, spay/neuter surgeries (please click here for local low-cost spay/neuter options), medications, flea treatment or for other non-life-threatening situations.


Applicant agrees that by accepting funding assistance from the A4A’s Veterinary Assistance Program, their family and friends agree to hold harmless and release any liability to Advocates 4 Animals, Advocates 4 Animals Veterinary Assistance Program, its volunteers, officers, and directors, Veterinarian’s and veterinary office staff, the City of Xenia, and all donors of this program in the unfortunate event that the applicants pet is unable to successfully be saved or his/her condition worsens in any way.

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