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Sponsor Special Needs Cat, Jazzi

jazzi jazzijustrescued1

Jazzi came to Advocates 4 Animals after she was found trying to survive in feral cat colony we were working to TNR (spay/neuter). Jazzi had been hit by a car and severely wounded: her jaw was broken, her leg severely twisted and broken, among other injuries. Her leg had already set in a twisted formation. She was incredibly emaciated and covered in fleas and parasites. Jazzi was rescued by A4A and received top of the line medical care to allow her to recover. She was able to keep her twisted front leg (she uses it much like a cane) and her jaw healed. She has crooked teeth, a different looking nose and leg due to all that she endured- but that doesn’t slow her down. Jazzi loves every day of life. When she came to A4A she immediately befriended another foster cat at the time named Pearlie. Pearlie had one eye, was deaf and had been hand fed and watered through an IV for 6 months due to a difficult past in the shelter. The very day Jazzi entered A4A and met Pearlie- Jazzi intertwined tails with Pearlie, lead her to the food bowl and for the first time Pearlie ate and drank on her own (it was a true miracle- and simply astounding to witness!). Jazzi & Pearlie quickly became inseparable and because of Pearlie’s ongoing high-needs- the pair remain at A4A for the rest of their days, together. Jazzi would be so very grateful if you would consider becoming her monthly sponsor!

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