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Sponsor Blair

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After years of being used and bred in a puppy mill, Blair was deemed “no longer use-able” and tossed in a kill shelter. Blair was hairless (infested with fleas and parasites), emaciated/malnourished and terrified in the shelter. She was deemed unadoptable because of her frail condition and because she was terrified of new people. Chihuahua’s are the #2 breed of pet killed in U.S. shelters (#1- cats, #3- pitbulls). We rescued Blair, along with several other senior chihuahua’s (all have been successfully adopted). Blair had never stepped foot in grass. She did not know how to walk on a leash. She was not potty trained. When she came to A4A we had her spayed and fully vetted. She gained much needed weight and became healthy and happy. She bonded with our A4A directors and trusts them, however, she is incredibly scared around new people, and therefore was unable to be adopted. Blair is a happy, healthy senior chihuahua at A4A and she will remain here, safe, loved and well-cared for, for the rest of her days. Blair now enjoys burrowing under blankets, snuggling, going for walks, barking, and playing with her toys. Blair is so grateful for her new life and hopes that she will inspire others to rescue/rehab/adopt chihuahua’s and other shelter pets. Blair would be so appreciative if you would become her monthly sponsor!

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