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The Spay It Forward Program is a special fund created to assist our local Greene County, OH community members with spay and neuter services. The fund has been established to assist local cat/kitten guardians/caretakers with low-cost spay/neuter options to provide felines with spay/neuter surgeries.

The program is available to all Greene Co., OH feline guardians and feline caretakers, Rates Below:       



For recommendations on current openings at local spay/neuter clinics, please contact us

NOTE: Maximum 5 feline spay/neuter vouchers per household, per year

A drivers license or military ID (current photo ID with correct home address) must be provided when you pick up your voucher in Xenia. Your photo ID and home address must match the name on your application in order to be valid.

Vouchers must be used at our A4A approved veterinarian office in Bellbrook or Xenia before the noted expiration date. No refunds will be given on provided/purchased vouchers.

Why did we create the fund?

Shelter Euthanasia is the #1 killer of companion animals in the U.S. It is responsible for more deaths than any other disease. In order to eliminate shelter killing and create a no-kill community, cost-effective spay and neuter surgeries must be readily available to all community members, regardless of income level.

Did you know…

Sterilization of your cat will increase his/her chance of a longer and healthier life. Altering your feline friend will increase his life an average of 3 to 5 years. Altered animals have a very low to no risk of mammary gland tumors/cancer, prostate cancer, perianal tumors, pyometria, and uterine, ovarian and testicular cancers.

Sterilizing your cat makes him/her a better pet, reducing his/her urge to roam and decreasing the risk of contracting diseases or getting hurt as they roam. Intact male cats living outside have been shown to live on average less than two years. Feline Immunodeficiency Syndrome is spread by bites and intact cats fight a great deal more than altered cats.

Who is the fund created for?

The fund has been established to assist local cat/kitten guardians/caretakers with spay/neuter at our A4A approved veterinarians office (located in Xenia).

How can I donate to Spay It Forward?

Donations can be made specifically for the Spay it Forward Fund by clicking here. All funds will be allocated based on need and the number of surgeries provided. Availability and funds for this program will be directly proportional to the donations received for the program. We appreciate your support!



NOTE: This program is available for cats and kittens in the Greene Co., OH area. All applicants must complete an initial application. A4A will review your application and mail the program instructions and voucher to you within 7 days upon receipt of payment. 


Please note: Kittens must be over 12 weeks of age and must weigh more than 3 lbs to be a candidate for surgery. In addition, all animals must be healthy at the time of surgery.

Please note: there are a limited number of vouchers/surgeries available each month and no more than 5 vouchers can be provided per household annually.

Please note that the Spay it Forward Fund ONLY covers the cost of the sterilization surgery.  No additional surgeries, medications, etc. will be covered by Advocates 4 Animals and all additional costs beyond the sterilization surgery will be the responsibility of the caretaker / owner.  By submitting this application, you are acknowledging your understanding of The Spay it Forward Program. 

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