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Seniors to Seniors

seniors Advocates 4 Animals Seniors to Seniors Adoption Program assists in matching senior humans with seniors pets. Statistically adult cats, age 4 years old and up wait much longer for adoption when compared to younger cats and kittens. We believe that every life matters and through our Seniors to Seniors program we match (adopt) cats age 4 years and older to seniors humans (age 60 and up) (*approved adoption application is required).

Since founding the Seniors to Seniors program, we have continued to dispel the myth that adult/senior pets are unadoptable. Adult cats have an incredible amount of love to share. And senior humans can experience countless benefits from cat adoption- including but not limited to: companionship, increased happiness and self-esteem, lower blood pressure, reduced stress and more.

If you are interested in learning more about our Seniors to Seniors program or would like to know about current qualifying rescue cats that are ready for adoption, please click here to contact us.


    • Seniors who share their lives with a pet visit the doctor less often than seniors who don’t. Maybe it’s because pets help prevent and treat stress.
    • Pet guardians tend to have lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels. 
    • Pet guardians tend to experience fewer minor health issues, and have lower medical costs to boot.
    • Pet guardians tend to experience a better sense of psychological well-being than those without pets.
  • Pet guardians have a higher one-year survival rate after being diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Additional Note: It is important for adopters of all ages to consider establishing a will and/or trust to ensure that your pets will be properly cared for, for the duration of their natural life. Please click here for additional information on this topic.

Written by: Stacey Ritz, M.Ed.
After living ten years together with his loving pet guardian, Buddy’s human suddenly passed away. Family members didn’t want to see Buddy euthanized in a local shelter, and therefore they turned him loose outside of the only home he had ever known, and moved away. Family members left one last bowl of food and water on the porch for Buddy as they pulled away, never to return again.

A slender short hair black, neutered and front declawed male feline, Buddy had never experienced the great outdoors in his ten years of life and he clung to the front porch, hoping for something to change. Hoping for his food and water bowl to be filled, hoping for a friendly lap to jump into and snuggle…hoping for love. Hoping to live.

Several weeks passed and neighbors, concerned for Buddy’s well-being, contacted a local 501c3 volunteer rescue organization, Advocates 4 Animals. Having a successful Seniors to Seniors Adoption program, Advocates 4 Animals understands that senior pets are not unadoptable- as so many wrongly believe. Seniors to Seniors adoption programs focus on adopting senior pets to senior humans- making a proper match for both humans and pets. The program matches adopters and pets based on personality traits, lifestyle and comfort level. Matching senior humans with senior pets is a winning situation for both the animals and the humans, as it gives senior pets a great opportunity to be adopted and to experience the greatness of the human-animal bond, living out their days with peace, respect and care. For senior humans, the program offers a wonderful opportunity to adopt a pet in need and to adopt a pet who is already housetrained and who enjoys a peaceful, calm environment.

Buddy was very lucky to be rescued by Advocates 4 Animals. Upon rescue, he received medical treatment for his dehydration and he was thrilled to have unlimited access to nutritious food. Buddy was taken to an A4Avolunteer foster home in the program, where he had the freedom to move around the home as he pleased. He slept with his foster parents, sat on their laps, ate great food, received great veterinary care and patiently waited to be adopted to a loving, forever home. During Buddy’ s time in his foster home, Advocates 4 Animals volunteers learned Buddy’s personality along with his likes and dislikes. Buddy loved to spend his days lounging in a sunny window and anytime he was invited to curl up on his foster parents lap, he was more than eager to do so. He enjoyed being petted and loved on and he enjoyed being in a calm home environment.

blackcat1Being ten years old and considered a senior feline, Buddy’s foster parents understood that finding a proper adopter for Buddy could take some time. They understood the possibility of never finding a just right home for Buddy and they were committed to fostering Buddy for any length that would be needed- even if that meant for the remainder of Buddy’s life.

However, several months after entering Advocates 4 Animals Rescue, the rescue received a wonderful adoption application from an individual interested in the Seniors to Seniors adoption program. At age ninety, Martha was a wonderful potential adopter for Buddy. Martha still lived independently in her home. Martha’s neighbors were her daughter and her husband, who visited daily with Martha and who agreed to help Martha with Buddy, if the adoption were to take place. Martha’s daughter informed Advocates 4 Animals that if Martha should ever have to move into a nursing home facility in the future, Buddy was approved and allowed to go with her; and if anything were to happen to Martha during Buddy’s lifetime, Buddy would come to live with her and her husband, without hesitation.

After several conversations, the adoption day was arranged. Both Martha and Buddy couldn’t have been happier on adoption day. Buddy immediately went to Martha’s lap when she patted him towards her, and the smile on Martha’s face was priceless. Martha told Advocates 4 Animals that she had always had a cat or a dog, and she was so lonely without a pet. She promised she would cherish Buddy for everyday of their lives together, a promise Martha kept, as did Buddy. The two quickly became inseparable. Buddy sleeps in bed with Martha, sits at her feet while she eats her meals, and follows her around the house much like a puppy dog. Buddy’s tail is always held high and Martha’s mouth is always curved up in a smile. Martha’s daughter reports that her mother has been more talkative and active since Buddy’s arrival. She said, having pets her entire life, she has never witnessed a bond quite like the one between Buddy and Martha.

Seniors to Seniors
programs can work miracles, for both humans and for pets. Martha and Buddy are living proof of the amazing bonds that can develop between humans and animals, when given the opportunity. Martha and Buddy continue to live out their days with happiness and love for one another and for the world around them. The two, without a doubt, have brought a sense of joy and peace to each others lives.

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Featured Success Story

Featured Success Story: Mondo

After being severely burned on his ears, paws and face and badly beaten, Mondo was turned into a local high-kill shelter when an area resident found the near lifeless feline. Mondo was in need of immediate medical care, not to mention he was terrified of humans- and rightfully so. The shelter sent out an alert, as they did not have the funds to provide the medical care that Mondo needed. Advocates 4 Animals responded and arranged for a successful rescue of Mondo. In addition to ongoing veterinary care and top of the line nutrition, Mondo received one on one rehabilitation- for his emotional, social and mental well-being. Mondo had his own private bedroom in one of our wonderful A4A volunteer foster homes- where volunteers worked with him day and night, to gain his trust. After just one month, Mondo was no longer hiding in the corner- instead, he was sitting on his foster families laps, purring and loving every morsel of food and every bit of attention he was receiving. Veterinarians did not think Mondo’s facial hair would ever grow back- but miraculously, it did! Mondo was adopted by a loving family in Huber Heights, OH where he is the king of the household! We couldn’t be more proud of Mondo and we are incredibly happy for both Mondo and for his forever family- what a purr-fect life!