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Cat Hospice at Advocates 4 Animals Adds Quality Time to Senior Cats Lives

Kat was 22 (yes, 22 years old!) when her human guardian passed away. The only family member, who lived out of state, had scheduled a euthanasia date for Kat, as they did not want to take in a new pet to their home. Thankfully, the veterinarian hospital contacted us at Advocates 4 Animals (just in time) and told us Kat's story. They had been her veterinary hospital since she was a kitten (confirming that 22 years was indeed accurate). We had an opening and we were able to take in Kat to our cat hospice program at Advocates 4 Animals.

Appearance wise, Kat looked every bit her age! She had very thin fur (and not much fur at all on her slender tail). But her weight was healthy, her green eyes were sparkling and she was full of spunk. She greeted every visitor who ever came to the door. She loved being petted and loved sitting near a sunny window and looking out at the bird feeders. Amazingly, Kat not only thrived, but she lived 13 additional months at Advocates 4 Animals and those months were full of pure joy.

Sadly, too many senior cats find themselves in hopeless situations today. When pet guardians die, often they are sent to the veterinarian to be euthanized because no one in the family wants to care for them. Other times, they are dumped at animal shelters/pounds where they are instantly placed on the "death row" euthanasia list or they linger in a tiny metal cage for the remainder of their days, heartbroken over the loss of their human and confused as to what they did wrong to end up in a 24/7 cage.

Advocates 4 Animals created our Cat Hospice Program to specifically help the senior cats who find themselves in this unfortunate position. Our program, of course, has a limited intake, as we strive to provide the best quality care to each and every senior feline in the program, as well as spend quality one-on-one time with them every day to boost their spirits.

Countless felines have been (and continue to be) helped through cat hospice at Advocates 4 Animals. Each and every feline is incredibly grateful for the love and support they receive - no matter how long or short they have left with us.

Ella (pictured below) was helped by our hospice program, and although her time with us was much too short, she knew love for the first time in her hard life. She purred, she gave "eye hugs" and she snuggled up close, loving the attention and affection.

Mrs. Wagmore (pictured below) had been tossed out of a moving vehicle. For months she had gone door to door begging to be let inside. She was elderly, starving, dehydrated, injured and confused. Although she only had a few months with us at Advocates 4 Animals, she was so happy to be with us. She felt so safe being indoors and having warmth, food, water, and veterinary care. She was such an incredibly sweet feline and despite all the hardships she had undoubtably endured in her life, she was very affectionate and grateful for the help she received through our Cat Hospice Program at Advocates 4 Animals.

Become a Guardian Angel Sponsor to our Cat Hospice Program

It may go without saying, that operating a Cat Hospice program is incredibly costly between all of the medical/veterinary bills, ongoing medications, as well as the special diets.

By becoming a Guardian Angel Sponsor to the Advocates 4 Animals Cat Hospice Program, you can help us continue this program (as it cannot continue without your support!). Support to this program is vital to help the lives of senior felines.

For as little as $10/month you can support the Cat Hospice Program. Each month you will receive a personalized e-mail with the story and photo of a feline helped because of your kindness and support.

Since 2020 (COVID pandemic) donations have dramatically decreased. We are not funded by the government and rely solely on public donations/support. We can't stress enough how meaningful and impactful your support is to Advocates 4 Animals. And we believe so much in the Cat Hospice Program and want to see it continue. In 2023, we are struggling to make financial ends meet and we don't want to see this program cut in the future due to lack of funding. Please, consider becoming a supporter today and know that when you do become a supporter, you are truly making a difference in the lives of felines in need.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts... We can't begin to tell you how meaningful your support is to the senior felines.


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