Tips for Correcting Pet Behavior Issues

Cat Behavior Issues

Is my cat bored?

Provide your cat with a variety of toys and access to climb in a window(s) to look outside. Place a bird feeder outside of the window for your cat to view during the day. In addition, it is recommended that you spend 20 minutes playing with/interacting with or petting your cat each day. However, don’t think that because your cat is bored you need to rehome him/her. This problem can easily be fixed! And you don’t have to purchase expensive toys either. Provide boxes, milk caps and other free items- they will love playing with them. Also, consider adopting a second cat as a playmate for your current cat. Click HERE to find signs that your cat is happy.

How can I stp my cat from biting or nibbling?


My cat can be talkative.  Why does he/she meow?

Always be sure to eliminate any health issues that may be prevelent. For example, if your cat is meowing a lot and typically is quiet, schedule a visit to the veterinarian. Check the litter box. How frequently is he/she going to the bathroom? Is there blood in his/her urine or stool? Etc. A veterinarian can help determine if there is a medical issue at hand. If your cat just happens to be chatty (many are!) and this is normal behavior for him/her, click HERE for a link to more info on this topic.

I caught my cat spraying in the house. How can I stop this from happening?

1. Unneutered/unspayed cats are more likely to spray than altered cats. The first step is to spay/neuter your pets. Click HERE for affordable/low-cost spay/neuter options for cats and dogs (clinics are listed by county, throughout the state of Ohio). Once your cats are spayed/neutered, any spraying should cease. Be sure to clean any impacted areas in your home (i.e. with a vinegar/water mix). 2) If, the spraying continues, try Feliway (a household spray and/or plug-in). 3) If spaying persists, consider the source. Is the cat who is spraying upset about something (i.e. has a new human or pet recently moved into your home?), consider what might be stressing your cat and correct the issue. 4) Try placing a food bowl near the regularly impacted area to associate that area with something positive. 5) Spend time interacting with your cat daily to reduce their stress level.

My cat is clawing the furniture, how can I kindly teach him/her to use a scratching post instead?

This is an easy fix and there is no need to declaw (learn the truth about declawing cats, click HERE). 1) Supply scratching posts throughout the house. If your cat is scratching the edge of the house, place a scratching post very close to this area AND place cat nip on the scratching post to encourage usage. Click HERE to learn how to make your own DIY scratching posts. 2) Keep cats nails properly trimmed. 3) Use Sticky Paws (product to be placed on furniture where the cat(s) is scratching. This is an AMAZING product- easy to use, affordable and it works! 4) If you still need extra help to stop the scratching, try SoftPaws– soft nail caps for cats from nails.

Why is my cat is acting aggressing towards other?


My cat is overgrooming and going bald in some areas. What can I do?


How can I stop my cat/kitten from chewing on cords in the house?


How can I train my cat not to jump on the kitchen counter?


How can I help my cat not to have so many hairballs?


My cat has earmites (scratches his/her ears constantly). What are they and what can I do?


My cat is having litterbox issues. What can I do?

After you have eliminated any possible health issues with your trusted veterinarian (ex: urinary tract infections/UTI’s commonly cause litter box problems and can and should be treated by a veterinarian ASAP), be sure that your litter box is the right litter box for the cat. In addition, are you using the right litter? Where is your litter box located? Do you scoop the box daily? Find litter box tips and tricks, click HERE. In addition, Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Litter and Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract (additive to the litter) are proven to solve 99% of all litter box issues– be sure to try this litter and additive right away! In addition, for household clean-up, we recommend using Nature’s Miracle Urine Destroyer or Planet Urine products. If your cat is defecating outside of the box, click HERE to learn how to help your cat and stop the issue.

My cat is being bullied by the other cat in my house. What can I do?


My cat doesn't like the newly adopted cat/kitten. What can I do?

This is totally normal! When you bring a new cat into your household, the resident cat will be upset for the first several weeks. Hissing, growling, swatting– this is all normal behavior and will subside over time. NEVER place the cats faces together. Do not force interaction, this should instead, happen naturally, over time. Every household is different. Some cats begin playing together/getting along after just 2 weeks, others may take several months. Patience is the key. Always follow proper introduction procedures. Click HERE for more information on this topic.

My cat doesn't like our newly adopted dog. What can I do?

If you share your home with a cat, make sure the dog you’re adopting does well and is safe around cats, prior to making the adoption official. In addition, it is crucial that you follow proper introduction tips when introducing any pets. For example, cats should always have a “safe” room where the dog is not allowed to enter. They should also have high areas (i.e. cat climber) to escape being chased by the dog, etc. Teach the dog to be respectful around the cat and to give the cat space. Never allow the dog to chase or terrorize the cat in anyway. A natural bond will form over time, but cannot be forced. Always follow proper introduction steps and during the first several weeks of introduction, always supervise interactions. NEVER place the dog and cat face to face.

My cat breaks open the bag of food when her bowl is empty. What can I do?

Keep a full bowl of food available for your cat(s) at all times. Most likely your cat is opening the bag of food because he/she is hungry. In addition, keep a supply of toys (i.e. cardboard boxes, cat toys) and other items to entertain your cat while you are away from the house. Consider keeping the food in a plastic storage bin to avoid a mess.

Can I train my cat to come when I call his/her name?


Is it ever OK to bathe a kitten? I'm raising an orphaned kitten and he/she can't clean themselves yet.


My cat gets incredibly stressed when it's time for a veterinary visit. What can I do?


My cat tested positive for FIV. What can I do?


My cat tested positive for Felv. What can I do


I suspect my cat has been posioned. What can I do?

Contact your trusted veterinarian or rush to the emergency veterinarian ASAP. Call Pet Poison Control for additional assistance.

We have stray cats in our neighborhood and they knock over garbage cans looking for food. What can I do?

Keep a cat food bowl and water bowl outside in a discrete area for the stray cat(s), in addition to a feral/stray cat hut. These items will help cats know safe places to go in inclement weather and they will have a source of food and water to keep them from going through garbage cans as a source of survival. In nearly all cases, this will stop the issue and allow the cats to live peacefully among you. In addition, it is crucial that the cats are spayed/neutered to prevent a booming population of stray/feral cats. Find low-cost, affordable spay/neuter options listed by county throughout Ohio, click HERE.

I am helping stray/feral cats in our neighborhood through spay and neuter. Do we need to test them for FIV and Felv?


Can I relocate a feral cat?


I found a stray cat. What do I do?


I want to help homeless cats in my community but don't know where to start. What can I do?


Dog Behavior Issues

מדיניות החלפות והחזרות

מדיניות החלפות והחזרות קיבלתם מוצר ואתם מעוניינים להחליפו או להחזיר אותו אלינו מכל סיבה? החלפות מבוצעות עם שליח עד לפתח ביתך מטעם החברה בעלות של 35 ש"ח בתאום עם החברה. השליח מגיע לביתך עד 2 ימי עסקים מרגע אישור ההחלפה על ידינו. במידה והמוצר שאת מחזירה עומד בתנאי ההחזרה השליח אוסף ממך את המוצר שאת מחזירה ונותן לך את המוצר שביקשת להחליף. במקרה של ביטול עסקה לאחר שנשלח המוצר אל המזמין/ה ולאחר קבלת הסחורה במחסני החברה, יינתן זיכוי על העסקה בניכוי דמי ביטול בשיעור של 5% ממחיר המוצר נושא החוזה או העסקה, או 100 שקלים חדשים, לפי הנמוך מביניהם, ובניכוי דמי משלוח (25 ש"ח) בגין החזרת המוצר (עם שליח לפתח בייתך מטעם החברה)
תהליך החזרת/החלפת פריטים:
1. צרו איתנו קשר בדף " צור קשר " או בוואטסאפ שלנו 054-6927518
פרטו איזה מוצרים תרצו להחזיר או להחליף ואת סיבת ההחזרה או החלפה.
2. נציג שירות יענה לכם על כל השאלות.
3. תהיה רשאית להחזיר/להחליף את המוצרים באמצעות איסוף המוצר מבייתך בתיאום מראש על ידי חברת שילוח חיצונית מטעם החברה.
4. לאחר קבלת המוצר אצלנו ובמידה והוא עומד בתנאי ההחזרה, יועבר אליכם החזר כספי / זיכוי או שנשלח לכם מוצר אחר לבקשתכם. תנאי החזרה/החלפה:
1. יצירת קשר עם החברה. 2. איסוף המוצר מהלקוח וקבלת המוצר במחסני החברה.
3. לא ניתן להחזיר פריטי הלבשה תחתונה ובגדי ים.
4. פריטים מוחזרים חייבים להיות באריזתם המקורית, עם טיקט ושלא נעשה בפריט כל שימוש ושלא נפל בו שום פגם/נזק. כמו כן, התווית והאזיקון שהגיעו עם הפריט חייבים להיות עליו בשלמותם.

בחירת מידה / צבע

כאשר מידה או צבע מסויימים חסרים במלאי לא תנתן אפשרות לבחור. ניתן לפנות אלינו בשביל להתעדכן מתי הפריט חוזר למלאי במייל או בווטסאפ. כאשר מסיימים להוסיף מוצרים לסל קניות ורוצים לגשת לתשלום המוצר יש ללחוץ על סל הקניות בחלק העליון של הדף.

עלות / סוג משלוח

משלוח אקספרס: עלות 29 ₪

כמה ימים אני צריכה להמתין למשלוח מרגע הקניה?

אנו מתחייבים לארוז ולהוציא את המשלוח במהירות האפשרית. משלוחי אקספרס עד לפתח הבית מהיום למחר (תוך יום עסקים) - עבור הזמנות שיתקבלו עד השעה 15:00. הזמנות שיתקבלו לאחר השעה 15:00 ביום עסקים ישלחו רק ביום העסקים הבא אחריו (לא כולל שישי, שבת וחג). שימי לב – יום עסקים מתייחס לימים ראשון עד חמישי עד השעה 15:00 ימי שישי, ימי שבת, ערבי חג, חג, שבתון, חול המועד וימי זיכרון אינם נחשבים לימי עסקים. ולכן הזמנות שבוצעו בימים חמישי (משעה 15:00), שישי או שבת ישלחו ביום ראשון ויגיעו יום עסקים למחרת. הזמנות שבוצעו יום לפני החג או במהלך החג ישלחו יום למחרת החג והמשלוח יגיע לפתח בייתך תוך יום עסקים מרגע השליחה.