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Mittens was witnessed being cruelly tossed from a moving vehicle and landing on her head, on the side of a busy road. Mittens came to Advocates 4 Animals traumatized and severely emotionally wounded. To this day, she still does not like to have her head touched or petted. She is incredibly shy and hesitant around new people and runs to hide at the smallest of noises. Mittens has an extra toe on each paw (hence the name!).


In addition to her extreme shyness, Mittens has ongoing litter-box issues-- we have ran every test and tried every type of litter, etc. and she still goes through phases of issues with the litter-box. Because of these ongoing issues- Mittens is here at A4A long-term so that she has a safe, loving environment to live out her life.


Please consider sponsoring Mittens!

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