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Three legs, nine lives


Maisy in tube


Three legs, nine lives

Originally published to Happy Tails Magazine Summer/Fall 2012

Thirteen-year-old Maisy wasn’t even 6 months old when Angela and David Gray found her underneath the patio of their home in Bristol, Tenn. “She was just a little kitten — a little stray,” Angela recalls. “She was just so, so little. She was a little bit of nothing with a big, fluffy tail.”That little bit of nothing left one giant impression on the Grays and she quickly became the newest member of their family. Maisy was content living as an outdoor cat, making her way into the home from time to time to visit with her human companions, who included Angela, David and their young son, James. “Then one day we noticed she wasn’t herself,” Angela says. “She had a knot on her back leg. Sure enough, it was cancer.”