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Dog Adoption Application

Please list the pet you are interested in adopting. *
Please indicate the name and ages of all household members.
Current Address including County
Current Occupation
Do you rent or own current home? If you rent, are pets allowed (copy of rental agreement required) *
Do you have others pets? Please list ages, temperments, and personality.
If you have other pets, do they get along with dogs?
Why do you want to adopt this pet?
What qualities are you looking for in your new pet?
Why do you wish to adopt this pet?
How would you describe yourself/family? (highly active, somewhat active, not active)
Do you plan to exercise your new pet - if so what activities and how often?
Will your new dog be primarily indoors?
Where will your new dog sleep?
How long will your new pet be left alone during the day?
Do you travel often?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you plan to visit the dog park?
If you went away for the weekend or on vacation - would your dog go with you? Would you hire petsitter? Please explain.
How many times per day will your dog be fed and what kind of food do you plan to feed?
Will you provide chew toys and bones for your new pet?
How will you handle the situation if the new pet playfully bites or nips?
Have you had a dog as part of your family before/ Please explain.
How will your new dog fit into your family?
Are your willing to continue potty training / obedience training using positive reinforcement?
Where will your new pet be while you are away from the house? Will they have full access to the house? Please explain.
Who is your local Veterinarian?
Will you be keeping your new pet up to date with vaccinations?
Do you agree to make a commitment to your new pet for the duration of their natural life?
Are there any reasons you would return your new pet to our organization?
Please list any additional questions or comments you would like to share with A4A Rescue as they consider your application to adopt this pet.
Email Address Required: *
Phone Number: