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Camille was rescued by Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. along with nearly fifty other stray cats living outside of a busy apartment complex, near a highway. Residents were shooting bb's at the cats, chasing and kicking the cats- and finally the local pound was called, after the cats had suffered years of abuse. The local pound gave the cats a total of one week and told residents if the cats were not off the property in that time, they would capture and kill each one of them- as the orders were given by the apartment complex manager. Luckily, Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. heard about the situation and stepped in to help.


Camille had been so severely abused that she would not allow A4A volunteers to touch her once she entered her volunteer foster home. She would urinate on herself out of fear. Camille was given a private bedroom to call her very own during her rehabilitation process at Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. At A4A, we believe in rehabilitating each individual pet socially, emotionally and physically. After Camille regained her health with multiple veterinary visits, she remained shy and fearful of every noise, but it was clear to her A4A volunteer, that she longed to be petted and loved.


Camille did eventually warm up to her foster mom and loves to sit on her lap and snuggle up close, however, she continues to remain very fearful of others. She loves the other cat in her A4A home and she does well with the dog too. She is forever bonded to her A4A volunteer foster parent, and because she remains so nervous around new people- as she is not sure if she can trust others- she remains at A4A Rescue in a loving home to call her very own- for her lifetime- as she requires special attention and care due to her past severe abuse.


At A4A we choose to do what is best for the animals on an individual basis. And in Camille's case, remaining her with foster parent is a dream come true for Camille-- never again will she suffer abuse- but she will forever have the very best in love, care and safety.

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Special Needs Cat Camille - Advocates 4 Animals, Ohio
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