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Pawsitive Connection: Heartwarming stories of animals finding people when we need them most (Paperback & Ebook/Kindle editions)

Adopting or saving the life of a pet in need brings great rewards. Often the rescued pets save us, when we thought we were really saving them. In more than a decade of helping rescue dogs and cats, Advocates 4 Animals has saved thousands of lives. Now, the co-founder and Executive Director of Advocates 4 Animals has gathered more than a dozen stories of rescue in a paperback book you can call your own. Pawsitive Connection is a collection of short stories demonstrating the mystical ways rescue animals find us when we need them the most.
*A portion of the proceeds from this books sales benefit animal rescue efforts.



CoveredinPetFurBookCoverSMALLVERSIONCovered in Pet Fur: How to start an animal rescue (Rockville Publishing, 2015) -Paperback & Ebook/Kindle editions

A coveted how to guide for starting and operating an animal rescue, the bestseller Covered in Pet Fur  intertwines countless stories from the founders of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. Firsthand accounts of rescue missions, collaborative efforts with shelters and pitfalls that have been encountered along the way bring hilarity and and clarity to the world of animal rescue. With an estimated 3 to 4 million pets being euthanized  annually in United States animal shelters, viable and sustainable rescue organizations are urgently needed.

Whether you are a start-up non-profit organization, an existing organization seeking growth and new ideas, or simply an individual who wants to make an impact on your own community, Covered in Pet Fur will certainly inspire, educate and at times bring you to both laughter and tears.  A must read for any animal lover and anyone who truly wants to make the world a better place through insight and action.


Join AUDIBLE and choose *COVERED IN PET FUR* as your first audio book and Audible will donate $25 to Advocates 4 Animals life-saving efforts. Click here:


lettersfromcatsFrontCoverFINALwebversionLetters from Cats: Hilarious & Heartfelt Notes (Paperback & Kindle/Ebook editions)

Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking? In Letters from Cats: Hilarious & Heartfelt Notes, Advocates 4 Animals co-founder, Stacey Ritz, reveals the truth behind your cats deepest thoughts. Whether your cat has a habit of shredding the toilet paper or sitting in the kitchen sink, you’ll find merriment and insight while reading Letters from Cats. Heartwarming notes include those from foster cats, rescued cats and more. If you have ever shared your home with a feline, the letters will resonate; at times bringing both laughter and tears.

Color photographs are included throughout the Kindle edition of the book (black/white photographs are included in the paperback version)/Photographs are of rescued cats.

DEAR DIARY: I bit my human’s big toe when he was sleeping. It was just a nibble, really. I didn’t mean any harm; I was just curious. Purrs, Marsha



Fun(d)raising: 150 Money Making Ideas 

(Paperback & Kindle/Ebook editions)

Fun(d)raising: 150 Money Making Ideas, will help you raise significant funds for your school, non-profit or cause. Learn how to: *Coordinate fundraisers *Sell more tickets *Gain donors *Must do’s for big events *Website must have’s *And more! BOOK INCLUDES: 100 small to medium fundraising ideas and 50 large fundraising ideas. Great ideas that work for any non-profit, school or cause! Whether you volunteer with a children’s charity or an animal rescue, the ideas brought forth in this book will enhance your organizations earnings. With creative ideas and helpful insight, you will find everything from tips on coordinating fundraiser’s to how to attract potential donors to your events. Everything you need to know is right at your fingertips- including a boost of motivation!


BookAdCatConnections1SMALLCat Connection: Heartwarming Rescue Tales

(Paperback & Kindle/Ebook editions)


From cats helping each other survive the unthinkable, to breathtaking animal rescue missions, Cat Connection is a collection of short stories demonstrating the miracles that can occur when connections are established between unlikely pairs.


Photos of rescued cats included throughout the book. (NOTE: Kindle edition includes *full color photographs. Paperback edition includes black/white photographs.)