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Worthy of Love

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Alice was taken to the shelter- a shelter where 99% of the pets who enter it’s doors do not make it out alive unless an approved 501(c)3 rescue organization steps up in time (and there’s not much time given). Alice was pregnant and about to give birth any moment. But she was also facing almost certain death behind shelter bars. Thankfully, here at Advocates 4 Animals, we heard Alice’s story just in time and we were able to pull her to safety. Alice’s kittens were born several days after her rescue and all were happy, healthy and have since been adopted into loving, forever homes. But Alice is still waiting for her chance at adoption. She has so much love to share. Alice knows she is not a tiny kitten- but she is a beautiful, friendly adult cat who will be a wonderful addition to a happy home. She hopes to be adopted soon. Click here for more photos/videos/info on Alice:



Cats are the #1 breed/pet killed in United States shelters/pounds (followed by Pit-Bulls and then Chihuahua’s). Add to that…shelter/pound euthanasia is the #1 cause of death in cats— more than any disease or illness. In today’s blog, we have highlighted some of our current adoptable adult cats who have been saved from death row at local shelters/pounds. Next time you are ready to adopt a pet, please consider adopting an adult cat- as they are in great need of assistance. They have so much love to share and hope to have a chance to show you how much happiness they will bring to your home!

Lavender was given to the shelter when her “guardians” were bored of her. She sat in the back of her tiny cage, huddled in a ball with her head against the back corner. She did not purr, she did not even move to open her eyes when we came to save her. She had already given up. She was scheduled for euthanasia that week. Now Lavender is here at A4A, happy, healthy and ready to be adopted. She is a beauty and full of love and fun! Click here for more photos/videos/info on Miss Lavender:



Cher is as friendly and loving as can be- and she too was on death row at a local shelter. She was terribly emaciated and dehydrated when we saved her- but now she’s a happy, healthy girl and goodness is she full of love! Cher is a beautiful dilute calico. Click here for more photos/videos/info on Cher:



Duke and Martin are two black cats that were both featured in our recent “Adopt A Mini-Panther” campaign/blog and both were saved from 2 seperate shelters- both on death row. Martin had such severe eye infections that had been left untreated that one eye had to be removed upon rescue and the other eye has limited site. Despite his tough start in life- he is the happiest kitty, so full of love and fun too! Click the links below for more photos/videos/info on both Duke and Martin… (Duke: ) (Martin:    )





Sunshine is incredibly sweet and a total lap cat. She loves to snuggle up on your lap or next to you when you’re reading or watching a movie/TV. She LOVES being petted too. This loving girl was on death row at a local shelter and we saved her just in time. Now she’s been waiting for quite some time for adoption — she knows most people choose to adopt kittens but hopes someone will give her a chance– she has so much love to share. Click here for more photos/videos/info on Sunshine:




Jimmy & Tucker

Tucker & Jimmy (Kittens- BROTHERS!)…The two brothers are full of love, fun and awesome-ness! Are you ready to adopt one or both into your home? They couldn’t be any cuter if they tried. They were on death row at a local shelter with their 2 siblings (which have recently been adopted). Now they’re hoping they have a turn at adoption info a forever home! Click the following links for more pics/videos/adoption info on each kitten…TUCKER:   / JIMMY-

To view all of our current adoptable pets, please click here: or please feel free to email us directly with any specific questions on any of the adoptable pets ( or Every adoptable pet lives in a volunteer foster home with a family while they wait for adoption- so we get to know each pet’s personality very well- to help make a great adoption match for both the cat and for the adopter.

NOTE: *Every time a cat is adopted from A4A- another life can be saved! When you adopt- you are saving 2 lives!


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