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Update on Blind Kittens at A4A

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In June we rescued 7 kittens from a local shelter. All were incredibly emaciated, covered in fleas and parasites and drastically underweight. In addition, they came to us with such severe eye infections that several of the kittens were rendered blind. Two kittens, siblings Gordie & Millie had emergency surgeries on their eyes upon arrival to A4A (their infections were so severe that their eyes had ruptured). The siblings are completely blind, however, since the surgeries and veterinary care (and lots of good nutrition, love and care) at A4A-


Millie, upon arrival to A4A

both are now thriving, happy and healthy- and ready for adoption (together). CLICK HERE TO VIEW ADOPTION PHOTOS/VIDEOS, ETC.

Millie & Gordie LOVE to snuggle together and they love to be petted. They do well with other cats and calm dogs too. They love playing, too. They love scratching pads and toys that make noise (they especially like wads of paper because they can hear it and chase and pounce on it). They are adorable, full of love and are very special little ones!

Two other kittens rescued on this mission are named Nina & Mona (sisters). Luckily their eyes did not rupture, and we were able to save their eyes with immediate treatment/veterinary care/medication. However, they have *very* limited sight. Their eyes look a little different, but that doesn’t slow them down at all. They are happy, healthy and LOVE to play and snuggle, too. It is believed they can only sense light/shadow- but we do not know how much they can see/not see, for sure. Regardless, they are thriving and very sweet. Both are ready for adoption now too! You can view their photos/videos/adoption in HERE.


The remaining 3 kittens from this rescue all made full recoveries and have their sight- and have been adopted. We are so appreciative to all who donated to help toward the kittens surgeries and veterinary care. We are thrilled to share that the 4 blind kittens are ready for adoption now- and that they are happy, healthy and thriving!


Millie, after surgery- recovering at A4A


Gordie, after his surgery- recovering at A4A


Mona, Nina, Gordie & Millie- snuggled together, happy to be safe and loved at A4A!

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