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Three’s Company!

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Left abandoned in an empty apartment building with no access to food or water, a mother cat and her three kittens meowed for help. When the individuals from the apartment moved they left the cats behind with no chance for survival. Thankfully two wonderful individuals (a mother-daughter team) heard the cats cries and went to help. The Good Samaritans help with TNRM (trap-neuter-release-manage) of other abandoned cats near the apartment complex, making a wonderful contribution to the community by saving lives and stopping further reproduction. They are proof that one individual- or a small group of caring hearts- can truly make a difference and save lives.

Luckily, the Good Samaritans were able to successfully save the mom cat and her three babies from the abandoned apartment building and they fed them outside of the apartment complex with the other stray and feral cats. They scheduled an appointment to have them all altered to stop any further reproduction. The family of cats was incredibly friendly and grateful for the food, water and kindness.

Being outside and friendly put the cats in harms way again, however, as some living in the area set out to harm cats. The day before the surgery/veterinary appointment, the mom cat was beaten and left (passed away) on the front doorstep of the Good Samaritans that were working so hard to save these precious lives. Knowing the urgency of the situation, the kittens were brought inside and then taken to their spay/neuter appointments. As they were having surgery, the Good Samaritans searched for a reputable 501c3 No-Kill rescue organization to take in the kittens, to assure their safety.

Here at Advocates 4 Animals, we realized the seriousness of the situation and were able to secure a foster home for the three kittens in need. Following their spay/neuter surgeries, Advocates 4 Animals welcomed the kittens into our organization where they received further vetting. They are now warming up in their A4A volunteer foster home and loving life. They are playing together and with toys, purring up a storm (all of the time!) and enjoying basking in the rays of warm sunlight that enter through the windows. Because of the combined efforts of two wonderful individuals who cared enough to dedicate their time and efforts to saving their lives and through the work of Advocates 4 Animals and our wonderful volunteer foster homes— we were able to work together to save all three lives. We are thrilled that the kittens are here at A4A and doing great!

All three kittens are now ready for adoption and hope to find loving, forever homes to call their very own soon. Their names are (as given by the wonderful people who saved them): Rollo, Loki and Shadow (2 boys and 1 girl).

Advocates 4 Animals is located in Xenia, OH (although our volunteer foster homes are located throughout the Greater Dayton and Northern Cincinnati, OH areas). To view all of our current adoptable pets, please click here:

If you would like to learn more about helping cats in your area, please visit our website for helpful information, tips and guidance:

A big-hearted thank you to the wonderful individuals who worked so hard to save the lives of the three kittens and for all they do in their local community to help cats in need. When we all work together towards a common goal- TO SAVE LIVES- miracles truly can happen.

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Rollo, Loki and Shadow: they are filling the room with lots of purrs!














They boys: Rollo & Loki


Shadow (female)


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