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Saving P.J.

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The weather reports had just announced that a major snow and ice storm was on it’s way to our area. We were heading out to pick up a pizza for dinner and as we pulled into the lot I saw her. A friendly black cat, sitting on the sidewalk of a busy downtown area, clearly waiting for someone to help her. She wavered back and forth between a liquor store and the pizza shop, her eyes begging each passerby to offer her some food, or maybe even safety. Dozens of people came and went, all looking the cat right in the eyes and quickly turning their heads, jumping in their cars and pulling away. We watched as the cat walked slowly up to a woman on her bike, securing her bags before taking off. She too, ignored the cat. The friendly cat retreated and moved back towards the food establishment. She sat patiently, waiting, hoping for someone to help. The dance continued, people came and went, looked her in the eyes and thought nothing more of the cat. We noticed a small bowl of crushed crackers sitting outside on the sidewalk for her. When we walked inside to ask the store manager about the cat, he told us she had been hanging around their place for quite some time and they didn’t know how to help her.


We offered to help and went back out on the sidewalk to retrieve her. She immediately entered our arms and began to purr. That’s when we noticed the severe wounds on her face and inside of her ear. She had been badly burned and the infection reeked, she was in need of medical attention- as well as fresh water and a good meal. As we brought her into the car, she sat quietly on our laps and purred. Thankful to be out of the elements. As we pulled out of the lot we saw off to the side a large area on the sidewalk with used firecrackers and glancing back at the rescued cats burned face and ear, we suspected the firecrackers had been set to injure her.

We named the lucky short-hair black cat, P.J. She is now here at Advocates 4 Animals, getting the medical attention, nutrition, hydration and love and safety that she was desperately in need of- and very deserving of. P.J.’s face/ear infection (burn) are slowly healing, although we are not certain how long the process will take. She was covered in fleas and parasites- all of which she has been cleared from now that she is safe here at A4A. P.J. loves to be petted, loves to snuggle and is visibly grateful for each day. Once her injuries heal she will be ready for adoption. In the meantime, we will continue to keep you posted on her progress as her burns and infections heal and recover.


Despite her difficult start in life, P.J. has an amazing spirit. She is full of love and kindness. She is gentle and very sweet. She is grateful for all of the medical care, nutrition, love and attention she is getting here at A4A- we are pampering her and are in admiration of her spirit after all that she has endured. We too, are grateful that we found her prior to the winter storm- and grateful that we were able to save her life in so many ways. Please continue to follow her progress updates on our Facebook page.

To donate to help Advocates 4 Animals save additional lives in need, like P.J.- or to donate to P.J.’s medical fund, please click here:


Her ear is healing now with meds and vet care– but is very swollen and is going to take some time for the healing to fully take place. We are keeping a close eye on her– the photos do not do justice for how terrible this internal ear injury/facial burn truly is…


PJ getting adjusted– a happy girl- here at A4A in her volunteer foster home, as she heals

PJ3 pj5

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