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Regaining Sight of What is Important

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Tossed out into the cold through a moving car window, Ray, a young orange cat was traumatized. Prior to being cruelly tossed, Ray’s eyes had swollen shut from severe infections that had been left untreated. Now he had been tossed into a busy street, landing on his head and unable to see. He was confused and terrified. But thankfully a Good Samaritan witnessed the event and stopped to cradle Ray in their arms. That’s when we received a call begging for help.

As the co-founders of Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. in Ohio, we were accustomed to being asked to help animals in need, but never before had we heard a story like Ray’s. We took him in immediately, knowing that he needed to see a veterinarian.

His face was puffy and swollen. His eyes were matted shut and he pawed at them on the drive to safety. He was in pain. We quickly learned that Ray had entropian – which caused his eyes to swell shut from the untreated infections. The vet informed us that his eyelids were turned inside out and scraping at his cornea’s. It was a very painful condition that needed surgery immediately. We scheduled the surgery and began working hard to raise donations/funds through a variety of creative fundraisers within a short time, while Ray had his surgery.

Following the surgery, Ray’s eyes were slightly opened, although no one knew if he would still have eye sight after having endured the pain for so long prior to his rescue.

As each day passed following his surgery, we hoped Ray could heal. We hoped he could regain his sight of the world. His eyes were squinted and golden. He was sensitive to the light that filtered in through the windows and we continued Ray on his medications as he healed. After several weeks, his eyes were still squinted, but it appeared as if he was regaining his sight. We moved our fingers back and forth in front of him, hoping for a reaction, but it wasn’t coming. Until one day when he reached his paw out to grab onto our fingers. Could he see?

We continued to drag toys in front of him, testing his eye-sight and sure enough he began to gain his sight! As he recovered and finished his medications, Ray began to play with the other cats, he began to pounce on his toys and he could run up and down the stairs with no problems. He had his sight now and he was full of purrs.

Following his recovery Ray was adopted into a wonderful home where he quickly became the king of the household. He spends his days gazing out the windows, playing with his toys and snuggling with his people. Never again will he know pain or fear in his life. He is safe in the arms of his forever home. And not only that, but Ray gained fame when he started his very own Facebook page, sharing his story with pet lovers around the world.

Ray’s resilience is amazing. Despite all he had endured, he made a full recovery physically and emotionally. He doesn’t dwell on the past or worry about the future; he just loves what he has today. We couldn’t be happier for Ray and his wonderful A4A adopters!

This blog refers to a rescue that took place at A4A back in 2009. Ray continues to live happily ever after in his Dayton, OH area home.



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