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Microchip Alternative for Pets

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If your pet is not microchipped, there is a new and some argue, healthier alternative (as there is no invasive object being injected into your pets skin) to keep your pet(s) safe in the event they should become lost. The BARKCODE collar features a scannable code that immediately brings up your pets profile, contact numbers and medical information. Each tag also has its own URL, which links your dog’s or cat’s info. So…even if someone without a smartphone finds your pet- they can log on to the Internet and find your pets name/address/info and return your pet to you right away! The collars start at $24.95 and can be found at

We rarely share product information on our blog- but we felt that this product was too good not to share!

Have you tried this product? If so, share your reviews/thoughts here.


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