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Adopt an Adult Cat

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Here at Advocates 4 Animals, we have many adoptable adult cats ready for adoption. We have cats ranging from 8 months old to 12 years! All of our current adoptable pets can always be viewed by visiting this link: Here at A4A, all of our rescue/adoptable pets live with volunteer foster homes- therefore we get to know each pets “purr-sonality” very well prior to adoption— so that we can help make a great match for both the rescue pet and the human adopters. When an adoption takes place, we want to be sure that it is a forever home and a happy home.

Photo Credit: Stacey Ritz

Photo Credit: Stacey Ritz

We get to know if our adoptable pets like other cats and dogs, if they do well with kids and if they need a calm home or have a favorite toy or type of food- we can pass that information along to potential adopters too. It’s a winning situation for the pets and adopters!¬†Pearl is the special needs feline pictured in the above photo. She was adopted from A4A in 2012 and is a vocal girl! She needed a forever home that was fit for her personality- she is super outgoing, talkative and she will literally give you hugs!!! She found a wonderful forever home along with her best pal, also a special needs kitty, named Jazzi (pictured below). We couldn’t be happier for these 2— and for every pet (not just here at A4A, but all adopted pets) who is lucky enough to be adopted into a terrific home to each call their very own!

Photo credit: Stacey Ritz

Photo credit: Stacey Ritz

If you’re ready to adopt your next pet, please search through our current adoptable list– and stop in to visit your local animal shelter— there are so many pets who are waiting for help. Have you adopted a pet? Share your story here, in the comments section– we would love to hear about your fur-babies!

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