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Love Prevails: Baby kitten loves everyone despite severe trauma and abuse

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Little Danny is approx. 8 wks old and has endured the unthinkable. We saved him this past weekend, just in time and we are so glad this lovable little guy is here at Advocates 4 Animals now.

Danny had his tail purposely cut off, along with his whiskers— and then he was thrown (left for dead) in a dumpster. Thankfully a Good Samaritan found him— but his next stop was a shelter where he was placed on death row and left without medical treatment. A4A was asked to help in this emergency situation and stepped up. We had a volunteer foster home with an open spot and Danny is now getting the love and care he desperately needs. His wounds are being dressed today at the veterinarians office (he had an enormous amount of blood loss and has a lot of bruising where his tail had been completely cut off— and on his entire back area). He is now on meds to help stave off infection.

Danny is just a little guy. His long hair makes him look a bit larger than he is…Danny easily fits into the palm of our hands and all he wants to do now that he’s safe here at Advocates 4 Animals– is to snuggle 24/7— oh and the little guy loves to eat and drink too and is just so grateful for constant fresh water and food. He purr’s non-stop and is just so full of love despite the horrors he faced so early in life.


Danny’s tail was purposely cut off and he was severely abused prior to being thrown in a dumpster…


Danny in his Advocates 4 Animals foster home- now getting the veterinary care/meds that he needs to heal…and purring non-stop!

We are working to raise $300 to help towards Danny’s surgery and ongoing medical/veterinary bills as he recovers. Even $5 makes a huge difference— every dollar donated goes directly to Danny’s care.*** CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW. ***

A very special thank you to every volunteer here at A4A who worked to save Danny.



You can see Danny’s short whiskers in this photo- just beginning to grow back. Despite it all, he just wants to snuggle and be loved. He is so grateful to be safe and getting the medical care he so desperately needs…here at A4A.

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