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Letters from Cats: Hilarious & Heartfelt Notes

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I’m hiding behind the chair. I know you can’t see me there. I watched you walk into your office and your eyes lit up at the sight you found. I’m so sorry to have caused such a fright!

You were away from home and I was bored.  I wandered into this room and began to play. It was truly harmless, I swear. I know I bunched up the rug and covered it in hair. I admit that next, I jumped up on your desk and scattered your papers around. Yes, a few even fell to the ground.

But the fun didn’t stop there.  I hopped and jumped and pushed down your chair. It made a loud BOOM as it fell to the floor, and that’s when I ran behind the heavy door. The next thing I knew, I heard your footsteps walk in. Oh dear! Oh my – he’s going to be mad at me, again!

Now I’m hiding behind the old chair, hoping that you won’t find me there. If I could fix the mess I’ve made, I would have been happy to hire a maid. But I can’t fix it so I hide and hope you’ll believe me when I say, it was the dog- it was him; he made your office this way!



Do YOU ever wonder what your cat is really thinking? In Letters from Cats: Hilarious & Heartfelt Notes, Advocates 4 Animals co-founder, Stacey Ritz, reveals the truth behind your cats deepest thoughts. Whether your cat has a habit of shredding the toilet paper or sitting in the kitchen sink, you’ll find merriment and insight while reading Letters from Cats. Heartwarming notes include those from foster cats, rescued cats and more. If you have ever shared your home with a feline, the letters will resonate; at times bringing both laughter and tears.

*Click HERE to purchase your copy today (available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle/ebook editions)*

A portion of proceeds from every book sold benefits Ohio Spay & Neuter – a program of Advocates 4 Animals.


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