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Super Sweet “Jet” is Ready for a Home!

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You won’t find a sweeter cat than Jet! Jet is here at Advocates 4 Animals patiently waiting for adoption. He had a difficult start in life trying to survive outdoors as a stray. Thankfully a wonderful A4A volunteer foster family found and rescued him, along with several kittens that were with him. Although Jet was considerably older than the young kittens he was found with, he acted as their mother; allowing the kittens to foe “nurse” from him, bathing the kittens and caring for them as his own. Although Jet was just a kitten himself, as the oldest of the rescued group, he took on the very important role of “parent” to the very young kittens. He provided them with unlimited love and affection.


The small kittens have since all been adopted and Jet is waiting patiently in his volunteer foster home to find a loving, forever home to call his own. Jet is full of love and fun! He likes to play and also loves to snuggle. He does great with other cats and with dogs too. He loves everyone he meets- and he is certainly not camera shy.

Statistically short-hair black cats typically wait the longest to be adopted into forever homes. One article on pet adoption reports the suspected reasons surrounding why black cats wait longer for adoption: “Pets with lighter colored or patterned fur tend to stand out more. People often fall in love at first sight with pets so the easier-to-see pets have a far better shot at getting picked for adoption.” The article goes on to note, “Cats and dogs with all black fur on their face and no other markings, are at a real disadvantage because it’s very hard to see their features and expressions. So, people tend to assume they lack personality.” But this is far from the truth! Like humans- and all living-beings, all cats each have different and unique personalities! And here at A4A, we can attest to the fact that Jet is super loving, sweet, friendly, affectionate and lots of fun too!


Jet is now approximately 6 months old. He is neutered, vaccinated, FeLv/FIV tested, litter-box/house trained and ready for adoption! Please click here for additional photos and adoption info on Jet:

Or click here to view all of our current adoptable pets at A4A:


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