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Independence Day: Pet Safety Tips

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More pets find themselves in animal shelters or lost during the 4th of July holiday, than any other weekend. How can you keep pets safe this Independence day? Follow these easy steps:

1. Keep pets indoors Fireworks and other loud noises are sure to scare pets. Keep them indoors and safe. Pets who are outdoors are likely to run away or hide. Pets can be hurt by fireworks.

2. Exercise your dog early in the day – before the celebrations begin

3. If your dog attends a cookout with you, ask others to play with your dog away from the flames.

4. Have a current photo of your pets on your phone– just in case.

5. Be sure your pet is wearing up-to-date identification (ID tag/collar)

6. Leave your dog (and pets) at home during fireworks.

7. Keep a TV or radio on and keep your pet in a safe, quiet room where they feel comfortable.

8. If having guests at your house, place a sign on the door and remind everyone that you have pets inside. Do not let them outside during festivities.

9. Distract pets by playing with them- indoors. (Provide frozen Kongs for dogs, cat nip toys for cats, scratching posts, climbers….keep them busy and happy– and indoors!)

Wishing you and your furry friends a happy and safe holiday!

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