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How to Build a Feral Cat Hut

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Whether it’s summer, winter, fall or spring – undoubtedly there are stray and feral cats in your area who will be seeking not only food and water, but also options for shelter from weather elements and warmth during the cold winter months. Do you have a feral/stray cat hut handy? How can you be sure your cat hut provides adequate warmth this fall and winter?First things first…provide a covered area with a food bowl and a heated water bowl (often times a front porch area will work well for this as most heated water bowls need to be plugged in). Also, be sure to have the feral/stray cats in your area spayed/neutered to prevent further kittens from homelessness. You can find low-cost feline spay/neuter options by clicking here.

Ok, now you’re ready to build or purchase a feral/stray cat hut. So where do you begin? Check out these steps to help you find the best outdoor cat huts, at the right price.


Or you can purchase a pre-built shelter. There are many available and they come in various looks and sizes.

Which style will you be using this winter- a pre-built hut(s) or a self-made hut? Either option will be much appreciated by the feral and stray cats doing their best to survive in your area.

Now it’s your turn; share your feral/stray cat hut experiences in the comments below. Do you prefer to buy a pre-built hut or make your own? Which type of hut have you had the most success with?

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