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Gone But Not Forgotten…

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While working on a feral cat/TNR project where those living in the area threatened to kill the cats/kittens- we came upon a friendly, badly injured tortoiseshell kitten in need of urgent care. We were working hard to successfully trap all of the feral cats/kittens in the area, spay/neuter and fully vet them and relocate them to a safe, managed colony. When the little torti showed up meowing, we knew she was begging for our help.

She could not use her back legs- as it appeared she had been hit by a vehicle several days earlier. Her bottom half was immobile, yet she tried so hard to pull herself towards us (using her front legs) and towards the food we offered. She weighed less than 3 lbs. and her eyes lit up with happiness as we held her. We noticed immediately that she had no use of her back legs and she was badly injured. Upon further inspection we saw that she had severe wounds and thousands of maggots were crawling in and out of the wounds. Words and photos cannot fully describe the injuries she had endured.torti2

We immediately took her to our veterinarian where we ran X-Rays and tests to figure out how we could help her and return her to good health as soon as possible. The tests reveled something worse. The X-Rays and tests revealed that the little torti kitten had 2 badly broken femurs and a severed spine. We called in a vet specialist to perform the necessary surgeries to save her life. Again, we received more bad news. The bright-eyed kitten was inoperable. The injures she sustained had been too much. Her severed spine could not be fixed.

torti4Despite her horrendous injuries, the little torti kitten purred from the moment we met her- all through the vet visits, the tests, the X-Rays…she continued to purr. We held her every moment we could. We petted her. We spoke to her…But despite everyone’s best efforts, the little torti kitten passed away from the severity of her injuries. It was estimated that she had endured her horrible injuries days before we found her. We are incredibly heartbroken to lose her- she had a wonderful little spirit and so much love to share. Although we only knew her for a short time, she won our hearts. We share this story with you on our blog to remember a wonderful soul and to remind us all that there is something everyone of us can do to help those in need. Had we not been working on this particular TNR location/project– we would have never known or found the little torti kitten. We wished we could have saved her, that she could have made a full recovery and lived for many years in a forever home. But we know we did everything we could for her- we made every attempt to save her and we kept her comfortable and purring every moment we were with her. Again, we can’t express how much we miss her, although we only knew her briefly.

To learn how you can help with TNR (feral cats) or stray cats in need in your local area, please visit:


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