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Funds for Felines: Support Life-Saving Efforts at A4A with a Click

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Kitties In The City is a popular cat/rescue blog helping to raise money for cats in need through their FUNDS FOR FELINES program. With your help, we can all continue to raise funds for local felines in need with just a few easy clicks!

Kitties in the City strives to bring funny, silly, informative and inspiring articles about what else?…Cats, of course! Kitties in the City focuses on raising money for homeless cats through sponsorships, advertising and affiliate programs.

“When we talk about products on Kitties in the City we typically link to Each time someone follows that link and either purchases the item or any other item during that visit, we earn a commission (i.e. donation to Advocates 4 Animals!). So, if you already plan to visit amazon to purchase something, please consider going through the Kitties in the City links! The money earned goes directly to our chosen feline welfare organization: Advocates 4 Animals– and doesn’t cost you anything, ever.”

Click HERE to learn more about the FUNDS FOR FELINES program (remember, you only have to make a few clicks to earn $ for Advocates 4 Animals…and it’s totally FREE to you!)

Click HERE to check out Kitties in the City’s (free!) helpful, hilarious and insightful articles now!


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