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Donate before 12/31: All donations are tax-deductible

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Happy Holidays to our volunteer foster homes, donors/supporters, volunteer transport drivers, fundraiser coordinators, adopters— to all of you for your continued support and kindness, we are forever grateful and appreciative of your efforts! Please scroll down to read our annual holiday letter from Executive Director, Stacey Ritz.

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We did it-  another year for the records books! Thanks to our supporters and generous donors, we have just finished a record-breaking 2013.  With more than 10,000 lives saved since our founding, 5,000 spay/neuter surgeries and 15,000 pounds of pet food donated to local families, together we continue to make a difference in the lives of thousands of local pets in need as we work towards our ongoing goal of creating No Kill Communities.

jadeJade is one of the lucky lives saved by A4A this year. Saved from a local shelter where 99% of the healthy, adoptable pets are needlessly killed on a weekly basis, Jade and his two siblings came to us covered in giant fleas, kitty lice, every parasite imaginable and severe upper respiratory infections. Their eyes were matted shut and they were suffering from advanced anemia. Within a day of their rescue, one sibling passed away. Jade and his sister, Jada survived although their battle for health continued for more than six-months after rescue. After endless medical attention, Jade took a turn for the worse one morning. We began   quietly saying our good-bye’s, but as we entered our veterinarian’s office, we knew we had to hold on to hope just a bit longer. We asked if there was anything more we could do that might help Jade’s health turn around. Jade was hardly able to stand on his own and we administered IV fluids every several hours and hand-fed him over the next week. And we held on to hope. We knew the odds were against us, but we were diligent in our care and methodical in our hope. All the while a quote continued to pop into my mind, “And just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, he turned into a butterfly.” A week later, Jade miraculously began walking on his own, drinking on his own and soon thereafter, eating on his own. His lingering infections finally cleared   after countless months of medications and ongoing treatment. He recovered and is now thriving in his A4A volunteer foster home as he waits to find a loving, forever home to call his own. At A4A, we focus on rescuing death row shelter pets for this very reason. They have no other hope, no other chance at life. Often times they do not receive any medical care while in the shelter. By stepping forward to provide top-of-the-line veterinary treatment, solid nutrition and of course lots of love and attention in individual volunteer foster homes throughout the Dayton and Northern Cincinnati areas, we are able to save lives like Jade’s- to give them not only a chance at survival but the opportunity for a life full of love, well-being and happiness. With your generous support/donations we are able to continue to save lives in urgent need and provide them with the imperative care they deserve and need.

2014 is going to be an even bigger year!  A4A is excited to share that in working together with The Humane Alliance NSNRT program, our A4A Spay It Forward program is expanding into our new Ohio Spay & Neuter Program in 2014 – as we work to provide affordable spay & neuter assistance to thousands of cat and dog guardians as well as to local rescuers.  We need youour loyal supporters- more than ever in this endeavor. This is one of multiple programs that we offer through A4A to work towards saving additional lives!

We are so grateful to our volunteer foster homes, donors, members, corporate sponsors and to our wonderful adopters. Thank you to each and every one of you for your kindness and continued support– it means the world to us, and to thousands of animals who are given the gift of life because of your contributions.

Happy Holidays!

Stacey Ritz, M.Ed. – Co-Founder & Executive Director
Advocates 4 Animals, Inc.

PS – Be sure to donate before 12/31 to take advantage of your tax-deductible gift.  Remember, every donation counts towards saving a precious life!


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