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Benefits of Adopting a “Less Adoptable” Pet

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Opening your home to a “less adoptable” pet not only means that you are saving a life- you are making a dream come true. Pets that could once only dream of such a life can find loving, forever homes can have their dreams come true when you choose to adopt an adult pet, a special needs pet, a shy pet or a pet with black fur. AND…when you adopt a pet, you create an open space for another life to be saved.

Martin and his sister Maxine are both adult black, special needs cats here at Advocates 4 Animals. Both have been overlooked for adoption many times, but it’s not for lack of personality. Martin is outgoing and loves to play. When the siblings were rescued from “death row” at a local shelter- they had such severe eye infections that had been left untreated that Martin lost one eye and in his remaining eye has about 1/4 sight. Maxine has one good eye and the other has about 1/2 visibility. But that doesn’t’ stop either sibling from living life to the fullest. Interested in learning more? Click their names below for photos, videos and adoption information now.



For more photos of adult black cats (and black kittens) in need of loving homes RIGHT NOW, please click the name links as follows: P.J., ROLLO, SHADOW, NOEL, JESSICA, DUKE.

And let’s not forget to consider cat’s like COOPER. Cooper arrived to Advocates 4 Animals morbidly obese and with severe wounds on his back-end from an animal attack (he lived outdoors). He is estimated to be 9-10 years old and on top of his severe wounds, morbid obesity (27 lbs- and unable to bathe/clean himself and hardly able to walk more than a few steps), his ears were so filled with ear mites and debris that it took several weeks of treatment and cleaning before we found the two tumors (one tumor in each ear)– which he then had to have surgery on. Cooper is now on his way to health and happiness- he is down to 22.4 lbs, his wounds are completely healed and he is able to bathe his front half on his own. He can jump up on low stools/chairs- this is huge progress. Cats like Cooper– although older and with some special considerations- he has so much love to share. He loves the indoor life and is just as friendly as can be. He does well with other cats, dogs, and children.



Shy cats like HOPE are often overlooked and can wait a year (or years) for adoption, although she is an incredibly sweet and friendly cat. Because of her shyness, she is often not noticed. She needs a patient home and a calm home- one that is willing to allow her to adjust in her own time and give her lots of love along the way. You can view photos and a full rescue story of Hope by CLICKING HERE.

We could share story after story with you- there are so many loving, adult pets patiently waiting to be adopted into forever homes (and there are millions more in dire need of rescue- waiting for a space to open up so they can be saved too!). The following are some highlights/benefits of adopting what some deem “less adoptable” pets:

  • Pet is litter-box/potty-trained already (although initial mistakes are possible in the beginning until the pet is used to its new surroundings)
  • You know the pet’s personality (and can learn their likes/dislikes from the foster parents)
  • You are helping a pet that others have overlooked
  • You are saving two lives- the life of the pet you adopt and the life of a pet who will be rescued because of the new opening!
  • They will be devoted to you forever- grateful for your kindness
  • The pet you adopt will have a loving, forever home- and he/she will know this (instead of having to worry day to day)
  • A mature pet is “less maintenance”- adult cats are independent and do not need anyone home with them during the day (“purr-fect for busy, employed or active people)
  • Adopting a mature cat leaves little room for unpleasant surprises. You will have an accurate idea of the cat’s temperament, full-grown size, coat, etc.
  • Adult cats are more likely to have already been spayed, neutered and fully vaccinated.
  • Adult cats understand the concept of approval and reward and are eager to please their owners.
  • Many adult cats came from previous homes and are usually well versed at being a good pet and a good patient should he/she need medical attention.
  • Adult cats get into less mischief, and you do not need to “kitten-proof” your home.
  • Older cats are less rambunctious than kittens and may be a better choice for small children and seniors.

You can view all of our current adoptable pets at Advocates 4 Animals, CLICK HERE.


Do you share your home with a “less adoptable” pet?

Share your stories in the comments below or on our social media pages- we want to hear from you!

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