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Adopt a “Mini-Panther”: Black Cats/Kittens in Need of Loving Homes!

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Statistically speaking, black pets are often overlooked and take much longer to find forever homes. We have A LOT of black cats here at Advocates 4 Animals right now, patiently waiting for adoption. Did you know, according to Scottish lore, the appearance of a black cat in your home leads to great wealth? The Huffington Post reports that one Nevada animal welfare organization took creative action to find loving homes for their many black adoptable cats. They started a campaign called “Adopt Your Own Mini-Panther” and all 18 black cats they had ready for adoption were eventually adopted.


So are you ready to adopt your own mini-panther? We have a lot of black cats here at A4A. Check out the photos/descriptions below and be sure to share with your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. If you’re ready to open your home to lots of love— look no further. We have the purr-fect “mini-panther” for you!


Click here for more photos/bio/adoption info for Duke:

Find more photos/bio, rescue story and adoption info on Martin, here:

Find more photos/videos/adoption info on Jessica here:


Find more photos/videos/adoption info (along with her amazing rescue story– click here or copy/paste the link:


Find more photos/videos/adoption info for Noel, here:


Find more photos/videos/adoption info here:


Find more photos/videos/adoption info for Rollo, here:

Do you currently share your home with a lucky black cat? Share your stories in the comments below- we love to hear from others who are helping pets in need!

Interested in learning more about Advocates 4 Animals or viewing ALL of our current adoptable pets? Click here now:

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