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11 orphaned kittens from 3 different litters sat in desperate need on death row at a kill-shelter this week. After being alerted to their urgent need (time was VERY limited– just hours), we stepped into action and arranged immediate transport to Advocates 4 Animals. The shelter photos show the kittens in their cages, waiting and hoping for help.

















Upon arrival to Advocates 4 Animals, the kittens were terribly ill, emaciated and dehydrated— in addition to having bellies full of parasites and tiny underdeveloped bodies covered in feces, urine, fleas and ticks. The kittens received immediate medical care and medication. The photos below show the kittens upon their arrival to Advocates 4 Animals.













The 3 orphaned 3 week-old kittens (needing bottle-fed around the clock), 4 five-week kittens, and 4 seven week-kittens were all saved by Advocates 4 Animals this week! (All were on death row at a local shelter and in need of urgent care- and medical care). All are emaciated, dehydrated and ill. All are in need of urgent care and coming to safety at A4A. ***Our goal is to raise: $75 for each of the 11 orphaned kittens to help with vetting and medical care.*** Please donate, even $5 is a HUGE help to saving these precious lives. Every dollar makes a difference.



The 3 week old kittens are being bottle-fed around the clock by our A4A volunteers. They came in very ill, with their eyes matted shut. They are doing well on their medications and seem to be gaining strength each day. We are working hard to get them all healthy.

The 5 week old kittens are starting to play with each other and their kitten toys- and they are doing a lot of purring– and of course getting lots of good nutrition, love and medical care. We are working very hard to get them all healthy and their purrs show us that they are very appreciative for the care. They are improving each day!

The 7 week old kittens are in the best shape of the 3 orphaned litters. They are incredibly playful and love all of the good food/nutrition, toys and the freedom to run around their volunteer foster home (and not be in a cage anymore)!

Thank you so much for your support & kindness…please stay tuned for updates on all 11 orphans. We will post updates on our blog and on Facebook.






















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