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10 Signs Your Cat is Happy

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A happy cat equals a happy home…and a happy home equals a happy cat! How do you know if your cat is happy? There are lots of signs he/she will give you to let you know. Ten (of many) signs that your cat is happy include, but are certainly not limited to:

  1. When your cat rubs his/her face or body against you. This is the equivalent of a human hug and is a sign of love and affection.  When Pearlie, a deaf cat with one eye, sees that we have a new visitor she always runs toward them, rubs their legs and meows. It’s her way of greeting the new guest(s) and saying hello. While all cats don’t greet new visitors (some may hide), if your cat rubs his/her face or body against you, this is a sure sign of happiness.

2. Holding his/her head up. When your cat is confident, happy and feeling good, they will hold their head up to show this feeling.

3. Bathing/well-groomed. When your cat grooms him/herself regularly this is a sign of happiness. Add to that, if your cat grooms other cats/pets in the household, or licks your hand, these are also signs of happiness.

4. Tail straight up. When your cat is happy, they will hold their tail straight up in the air. Super happiness will be shown when the cat has a hook at the end of their tail and/or their tail quivers.

5. Eyes half closed. When a cat is looking at you, purring and/or kneading their paws and their eyes are half closed this is a sure sign of blissful happiness!

6. Purring. While purring is not always a sign of happiness, many times it can be. Read more about why cats purr, here.

7. When your cat lies on their back with their paws in the air. This is total happiness.

8. If your cat is on their back and invites you to gently pet their belly. This is a sign of total trust. Note: Never force your cat to allow you to pet their stomach.

9. Talkative or quiet. What? Yes, you read that right. Once you know your cat’s personality you will know if they are a talkative cat or a quiet cat. If you live with a talkative cat, when they talk this is a sign of happiness. If you live with a quiet cat, when they’re quiet this is a sign of contentment and happiness.


10. Play. It is true that some cats are more playful than others and the amount of daily play will depend on several factors including age and health. However, cats who play tend to be happy! When cats play, it is a sign that they are relaxed and feel safe so that they can enjoy their environment/surroundings.  Some of our favorite cat toys are:  Cat Spring Toys (of all the toys we have ever bought, these have entertained the cats by far the most!), Catit Play Circle, Cat and Mouse Spinner, and the Incline Scratcher (cats loves this, but it can be a little messy!)

Your cat doesn’t have to exhibit every one of the above ten noted signs every day to show their happiness. The above list is just a fun way to know that when you cat exhibits any of these behaviors they are showing you that they are happy, feel safe and feel loved. How does your cat show you that they love you? We would love to hear from you in the comments section, below!




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