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Blind Cat Sanctuary

- an Advocates 4 Animals program -

Our Advocates 4 Animals Blind Cat Sanctuary program strives to provide quality care (and of course, lots of *love*) to blind felines rescued from deaths door (i.e., animal shelter "next to be euthanized" list or dire neglect situations in our local area).


Become a SUPPORTER of the A4A Blind Cat Sanctuary program for as little as $10/month. Each month you will receive an email with a photo and story of a blind feline who has been helped because of your kindness & support. 

We are a lifetime care sanctuary for blind cats. This program can only continue with your support. Please consider becoming a supporter of this important program today and make a big impact.

Thank you for your support!

*Please Note: We cannot take in any additional Blind Cats at this time as we are at full capacity.*

Become an A4A Blind Cat Sanctuary Supporter 

For as little as $10/month, you can become a much needed supporter today.

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Meet just a few of the blind felines who have had their lives changed by A4A

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