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Alex came to Advocates 4 Animals weighing less than 1 lb. Due to a terrible abuse/trauma prior to her rescue, Alex was left paralyzed. She had a badly broken spine in multiple places, shattered pelvis, and both of her back legs were badly broken. Although her broken bones have all healed, she is left permanently paralyzed in her back legs. She has no control over going to the bathroom and therefore wears diapers. She requires diaper changes 6 - 8+ times/day.


Alex has regular veterinary visits to assist with her ongoing care as well. Despite the tough start Alex endured in life, she is thriving, purring, and loves to play. Her best friend is another special needs feline named Angel.  They love playing together and chasing their toys together. 


She really hopes you'll be her monthly sponsor-- it would mean the world!


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