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We rescued Albert after being contacted about a severe animal abuse case where he had been seized by police. Albert endured the unthinkable. He arrived with 2 *severely* broken legs (one front, one back), incredibly emaciated/poor fur/missing patches of fur/very hungry, mangled and wounded ears, covered in fleas and parasites, and a hematoma on his head.


Once at A4A, Albert required extensive vetting, including multiple surgeries and 2 leg amputations. It was also discovered that Albert has a fatty tissue disease that causes ongoing internal infections- which requires him to be given monthly medication for effective management.


Albert is now thriving at Advocates 4 Animals. The veterinarians gave him the middle name "Warrior" because of all he's endured in his life. Albert is the sweetest feline we've ever met and is always purring. Because of his ongoing medical needs and because of his trust issues (due to his abusive past) Albert will remain at A4A for lifetime care.


Albert would be so appreciative if you would become his monthly sponsor. Are you ready to sponsor Albert today?

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