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Foster Application Form

We are always in need of volunteer foster homes for cats and kittens in the Greene County, OH area. Please complete the application (below) and feel free to include any additional questions you may have. Thank you for your support!

Find our FAQ for New Volunteer Foster Homes, Click Here.

Your first and last name
Email address
Ages of all members of your household
Phone number
Your full address including city and zip code
Are you interested in fostering a kitten(s) or cat(s)?
Have you fostered before? If yes, please describe your experience.
How would you describe your household?
What made you interested in fostering?
Do you have pets of your own? Please tell us about them (include ages, sizes, personalities, how long have they been a part of your family)
Are your pets current on vaccinations?
Are your pets spayed/neutered?
How many pets can you foster at once?
How soon are you available to begin fostering?
How long can you foster the pet?
Are there any types of pet personalities that you are concerned about fostering in your home?
Are you willing to provide food, litter, clean water and keep the foster pet indoors?
Will the foster pet have free run of your home?
Is anyone in your home a smoker?
Are you willing to e-mail A4A Rescue weekly updates/photos of your foster pet?
When A4A Rescue finds a home for the adoptable pet, we email the foster family to make arrangements for an A4A representative to pick up the pet and take them at that time for their adoption. Are you willing to make arrangements for your foster pet?
If you are chosen as a foster home for A4A Rescue, are there any reasons you would cease being a volunteer foster family with your foster pet?
What questions do you have for Advocates 4 Animals Rescue, Inc. at this time, regarding fostering?