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Dog Adoption Form

Please note you must be 25 years of age or older to adopt. License will be required at time of adoption.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to complete each line of the application, otherwise the application will not get through to us. We reply to all applications. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours it is possible we did not receive your application. If this occurs, please email us:

E-mail Address
Phone Number
Which pet(s) are you interested in adopting?
Please enter the name and ages of all household members.
Please enter your address (including County).
What is your current occupation?
Do you rent or own current home? If you rent, are pets allowed? (copy of rental agreement required)
Do you have others pets? Please list ages, temperments, and personality.
If you have other pets, do they get along with dogs?
Why do you want to adopt this dog?
What qualities are you looking for in your new dog?
How would you describe your family's activity level?
How to you plan to exercise your new dog? (What types of activities and how often?)
Where will your new dog live?
Where will your new dog sleep?
How long will your new dog be left alone during the day?
Do you travel often?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you plan to visit the dog park?
If you went away for the weekend or on vacation - would your dog go with you? Would you hire petsitter? Please explain.
Does anyone in your home smoke?
How many times per day will your dog be fed and what kind of food do you plan to feed?
Will you provide chew toys and bones for your new dog?
How will you handle the situation if the new dog playfully bites or nips?
Have you had a dog as part of your family before? Please explain.
How will your new dog fit into your family?
Are your willing to continue potty training / obedience training using positive reinforcement?
Where will your new dog be while you are away from the house? Will they have full access to the house? Please explain.
Who is your local Veterinarian?
Will you be keeping your new dog up to date with vaccinations?
Do you agree to make a commitment to your new dog for the duration of their natural life?
Are there any reasons you would return your new pet to our organization?
Please list any additional questions or comments you would like to share with A4A Rescue as they consider your application to adopt this pet.
Please note that adopting a pet is a commitment for the duration of the pets life. Please be sure you and each of your family members are fully committed to the canine adoption. Like people, pets are not perfect - they require love, devotion, commitment, and above all patience. There may be times when issues may arise such as clawing on furniture, chewing household items, allergies, new additions to the family, moving to a new location or another issue that may be frustrating as a pet owner. In adopting a pet, we accept the good with the bad and commit to working with the canine through the bad. Adjusting to multiple new environments is difficult and stressful on the canine, therefore we make every attempt to find a forever home for our adoptable pets. When we rescue a cat into our organization, we make a 100% commitment to them - that we will be sure they are adopted into a home that is committed to them for the duration of their natural lifespan.
Do you agree to commit to the adopted pet - and keep him/her in a loving proper home environment for the duration of their natural lifespan?
Please note we take the above question very seriously - as in the past we have had a few adopters return their pet for reasons such as "too expensive for care) or "I'm moving and can't take them with me". The rescue/adoptable cats have been though a very tough start in life - and switching environments more than necessary is very difficult on the adopted pet. Please be CERTAIN that you are willing to commit to keeping your adopted pet for the duration of their natural lifespan. If you are uncertain, we urge you not to adopt - as adopting is a very important and serious decision.
Please enter your first and last name. This indicates that you agree with the above adoption agreement.