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Cat Adoption Form

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be sure to complete each line of the application, otherwise the application will not get through to us. We reply to all applications. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours it is possible we did not receive your application. If this occurs, please email us:

Street Address
Zip Code
Phone Number
Please indicate the name(s) of the pet you are interested in adopting.
Why do you feel this pet will be a good fit for your home/family, and how do you feel that you will be a good fit for this rescue pet?
Please list the first and last name of all members in the household.
Please list the ages of all members of your household.
What personality traits are you hoping for with your adopted cat?
How would you describe your household (very active, somewhat active, calm)? Explain.
Do you currently have any pets? Please list breed/age/any additional information.
If you do not currently own a pet, have you owned a pet in the past? What is the reason you no longer own this pet?
Please list your Veterinarian's Name, Office Name, Address, and Office Phone Number.
When was your last visit to your Veterinarian?
What was the reason for your last visit to your Veterinarian?
Do you currently own your own home?
If you rent your home, does your lease agreement allow pets? (a copy of this agreement will be requested prior to adoption.)
Do all members of the household agree to adopting a pet?
Where will your new pet live?
Does anyone in your house smoke?
If you have other pets in your home, are they spayed/neutered?
Who will be the primary caretaker of your new adopted pet (ie feeding, play time, attention/affection)
Are there any health concerns regarding a pet for any family members (i.e. allergies)?
Have you ever adopted a pet and had to return the pet? If so, please describe the reason for return.
Are you willing to you to handle the situation if the cat urinates outside of the litterbox (i.e. veteriniary care, various behaviorial techniques)? Please explain how you would handle such situations.
Are you willing to handle the situation if the cat nibbles or playfully swats while in your home? Please explain how you would handle such a situation.
Are you willing to handle the situation if the cat scratches on furniture or carpet (i.e. use a scratching post, etc.) ? Please explain how you plan to handle this type of situation.
Are you willing to take the cat with you if you move from your current residence? Please elaborate.
Are there any situations that would cause you to return the cat to Advocates 4 Animals? Is so, please describe.
If at any time you are unable to care for the cat, do you agree to return the cat to Advocates 4 Animals?
Please list any specific questions regarding the adoptable pet.
How do you plan to introduce your new cat to your family/home/other pets (please explain what steps you plan to take)...
How did you hear about Advocates 4 Animals?
Do you agree to commit to the adopted pet - and keep him/her in a loving proper home environment for the duration of their natural lifespan?
Are you adopting this pet as a FOREVER pet? Do you have any reservations about providing this pet with a forever home?
When we rescue a cat into our organization, we make a 100% commitment to them - that we will be sure they are adopted into a home that is committed to them for the duration of their natural lifespan. DO YOU AGREE TO PROVIDE A FOREVER HOME?
Please enter your first and last name. This indicates that you agree with the above adoption agreement.
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